Terry Haggerty's solo exhibition at Bernhard Knaus Fine Art presents a fascinating world of looping, folding relief works displayed on a backdrop of angular wall paintings specific to the gallery space. Fabricated in aluminum, Haggerty creates curious relief forms in which two- and three-dimensionality enter into an engaging symbiosis.

The British artist works with painterly means on materials such as aluminum and wood to challenge the common rules of spatial perception. Haggerty’s wall reliefs open up an immersive visual experience, blurring the boundaries between what we perceive as painting and real form. His work often explores illusions of ambiguity, encouraging the viewer to see structures as if viewed from different angles simultaneously. What we see straight on is a view of a structure from a different angle.

There appears to be a slippage in visual order as the objects distort and shift when the view wanders around them. This exhibition is an opportunity to experience aspects of Terry Haggerty’s work re-imagined. It encourages us to discover the invisible in the visible, to delve into different dimensions of perception, and to embark on a captivating journey between the here, there, and over there.

Terry Haggerty (b. 1970 in London) studied in England and now lives and works in the USA. In recent years, the artist's works have been on view in international solo exhibitions, in addition to commissioned wall drawings in public and private collections around the world.