Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

(Mark 11:24)

Our consciousness is a mirror to the cosmos, and everything in our lives, realities, and experiences is constantly in competition for our attention. Attention is the most powerful tool we have as co-creators of our reality, and by directing it effectively, we can manifest the life we desire. Much like the celestial bodies that orbit the energy of the sun, our thoughts, emotions, perceptions and sensations are entirely fueled by the energy we invest into them. That which we ignore ceases to exist in our experiential realm, so the challenge arises from the unconsciousness through which we often navigate this process. Anything that transpires in our lives need not become our experience if we choose not to lend it our attention. Perhaps a seemingly capricious concept, but it is a universal law worth considering. When we refuse to invest our attention to undesirable and unfavourable events and circumstances, they immediately lose their impact on our vibrational frequencies.

Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati - As you think so you become.

(Vedanta philosophy, Sanskrit, Upanishads, India, 800 - 200 BCE)

The contemporary notion of the Law of Attraction, coined by many but championed by Russian mystic Helena Blavatsky, emphasises that our thoughts are the architects of our reality—this is our first key. It is within our own authority to give our thoughts life through positive affirmation, or extinguish negative ones with the refusal to accept them. Thoughts are literal conduits for our energy and influence the universe’s reaction to us. So the key to speaking with the universe lies in directing our energy towards thoughts that resonate with positivity, and ignoring those that emanate with negativity. At the forefront of our cosmic dialogue is the art of attending to our attention. From our first breath, the universe asks us, ‘what do you seek?’ To effectively convey our desires, it is crucial to grasp the energetic dialect the universe converses in. The universe does not discern languages, it decodes our vibrational responses, so any reaction we offer to the universe is seen as a ‘yes, please give me more of that’. Are you constantly complaining that nothing ever goes your way, that you’re inherently unlucky, that you always fail or attract bad people and situations? The universe will not fail to ensure this remains the same!

Understanding this dynamic is to master the art of selective engagement, much like an orchestral maestro, we must choose which symphony of thoughts and emotions to amplify through the attention we give them. When we choose to focus our attention on a particular aspect of our reality, we are in essence casting a vote for its amplification. By withholding our attention from specific thoughts or circumstances, we convey a message to the universe that we are disinterested and opposed to its presence in our experience. You got a huge unexpected bill? Amazing, that means you have the money to pay for it and more. You got rejected for the 10th time on a date? Amazing, this means the universe is bringing you closer to your dream partner. You’re stuck in traffic? Amazing, this means the universe is probably protecting you from an accident that could have happened. This profound realisation highlights our immense power in the co-creation of our own reality. Our attention serves as the vessel through which we communicate our preferences to the universe, dictating the composition of our life’s symphony.

Your action has nothing to do with your abundance! Your abundance is a response to your vibration.

(Ask & it is Given, Abraham Hicks, channelled by Esther Hicks)

The second key to communicating with the universe is to engage our thoughts and expressions in the present moment. The universe, in its boundless wisdom, acknowledges only the ‘now’ as the true reality, as every unfolding moment exists in the present. Past and future thoughts may arise but they are like echoes, while the present is where the universe truly listens. Contemplating the universe as an expression of consciousness unveils that thinking is, in essence, a mode of communication with this expansive entity. However, the universe comprehends our thoughts and feelings differently than we might initially perceive. Consider this, if you repeatedly say ‘I will be wealthy and successful’ the universe understands that as ‘I don't want wealth and success right now’. So instead, immerse yourself in the feeling of already possessing what you seek. Every conceivable reality, including your most desirable one, already exists. Feel as if you’ve already achieved it and the universe will begin to shape your world accordingly. By immersing ourselves in the present moment, feeling as if we’ve already achieved our desires, we begin to synchronise our vibrational frequency with the universe’s creative forces. Thus, communicating with the universe involves not only expressing desires but also embodying those desires in the present. In continuing to master the art of quantum conversations, we reach the crucial step of expanding our consciousness. To do so is to acquire expertise in a complex game where the rules are not always evident. Life is not a linear story but rather a dynamic and interactive game, and our level of mastery is determined by our awareness of its multifaceted dimensions.

What the mind of a human can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

(Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, 1937)

The third key explores how the human brain exhibits an extraordinary ability to change and rewire itself in response to our thoughts and experiences—this phenomenon known as neuroplasticity. When we consistently direct our focus toward specific thoughts or emotions, we reinforce particular neural pathways, elevating their prominence in our daily existence. While the intricacies of quantum physics might seem distant from our routine, its intriguing implications have sparked curiosity regarding its connection to consciousness and the very fabric of reality. Neuroplasticity presents a promising prospect for individuals seeking liberation from the constraints of past experiences and traumas. Through the process of rewiring the brain, one can loosen the hold of lingering memories and craft new, empowering narratives to reshape the course of their lives. Leading researcher Dr. Joe Dispenza explores the concept of self-directed neuroplasticity, highlighting our capacity to govern the transformation of our brains. By directing our attention and intention toward a clear vision of our desired future, we can instigate the necessary neural changes to bring that vision into reality. In his book ‘Evolve your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind’, Dispenza elucidates how specific thoughts and emotions wield ‘a direct influence on the physical structure of our brains, and through consistent focus, we fortify these particular neural connections’. This rewiring of neural pathways significantly shapes our perception of reality and the decisions we ultimately make for ourselves. The process of expanding our consciousness entails broadening our awareness, awareness of our inner-self, our thought patterns and the universe that surrounds us. By embracing this expanded awareness, we transition from being a passive player to an active participant, making informed choices that align with our desired reality.

Fix your eyes not on what is seen but what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary but what is unseen is eternal.

(Corinthians 4:18)

The fourth key to expanding our consciousness in the quantum field of infinite possibility is listening to our guidance system. It serves as an inner compass that helps us navigate the vastness of our universe. As previously mentioned, the universe does not understand human language, it converses in the language of energy. Thoughts and words often fall short as they seldom align with our true inner state. Our senses, gut feelings and intuitive responses all serve as our primary guidance system. Alignment with our true path is reflected in what feels good, while discomfort indicates a deviation from our authentic self. This guidance system relies on resonance—follow what resonates with you, ignore what doesn't and avoid assigning importance to negativity.

The egoic mind may attempt to convince us that following it will lead to pleasure, however, it's vital to discern the difference between ego-driven desires and true resonance. Trust what feels good, release what feels bad. By consistently pursuing the breadcrumb trail of what feels delicious, we align ourselves with our true path, eliminating excessive overthinking. Contemplating our dreams, desires, and intentions essentially involves creating mental blueprints, which become encoded in the neural pathways of our brains. Strengthening these patterns through intentional focus and emotional energy increases the likelihood of translating them into tangible actions and outcomes. Therefore our emotions play a pivotal role in this process, serving as potent catalysts that drive our thoughts and intentions towards ultimate fulfilment.

Thoughts precede all phenomena; Mind is the chief, shaping the ethereal; If one acts or speaks with an impure mind, suffering follows like the wheel of a cart, as the hoof of the ox that pulls it.

(Pali scriptures, Dhammapada verses of the Buddha, India, 300 BCE)

Our fifth and ultimate key involves tapping into the power of repetition. To grasp the workings of the universe, we must dive into the subconscious mind which is a reflection of the universe’s ‘modus operandi’. The law of attraction primarily draws from our subconscious, it disregards the fleeting thoughts of our conscious mind, which continually oscillate between varying subjects. Unlike its conscious counterpart, the subconscious mind lacks the ability to reject information; it remains impartial, neutrally validating all perspectives. The subconscious does not discern between reality and imagination, often evoking emotions as if past events were unfolding in the present. Consequently, it becomes essential to stay anchored in the present and refrain from lingering on past wounds. Dwelling on the past can inadvertently attract similar experiences and perpetuate old mistakes and patterns—this however does not invalidate or dismiss the pain and trauma that past wounds may have on informing our present state. Being conscious of the baggage our nervous system and bodies still carry from the past is the first step to healing and ultimately mastering the art of quantum creation with the universe.

The subconscious operates without intention; it serves as a reservoir for stored information. It absorbs whatever captures the most attention, encompassing the amalgamation of social conditioning and personal experiences. Unhealthy thoughts aren’t sifted by the subconscious; that responsibility falls upon us. Through the effective use of repetition, we can actively reshape our subconscious beliefs. Suppose our aim is to transition from insecurity to confidence; repeatedly affirming ‘I am the most confident person in the world’ can serve as a mantra. The essence lies not in mechanically repeating empty words but in genuinely feeling the message they convey. Crucially, our present state holds no relevance; our focus should centre on what we aspire to become. Through persistent reinforcement of positive affirmations, they begin to coalesce energetically, allowing our subconscious to grasp this transformation and initiate its manifestation in our experiential realm. As we authentically feel more confident, our actions, behaviour and words will naturally begin to reflect this.

Ultimately, we must remember the fundamental fact that we are the universe. Speaking to the universe is to speak with our higher self. We hold the keys and reins to our existence and are in control. We must allow ourselves to feel our emotions fully and then redirect them towards the desired outcome. Whether it be a fulfilling life path, financial independence, a dream partner, house or life, with practice and persistence this quantum conversation can become a powerful tool for creating a deliciously fruitful human experience. We are releasing energy that was previously wasted on resistance, using our attention effectively to create the reality we want and rewiring our neural pathways to step into that new reality. Rejecting the undesirable present reality is not resigning ourselves to defeat but rather recognising it. In this rejection and acceptance, the vision becomes clearer and allows the journey to reveal itself. When we redirect our focus on what we truly want, reality reconfigures itself in response. As co-creators of our own reality, we are endowed with the ability to choose our path, shape our experiences and define our destinies. The true transformation begins when we choose to direct our attention to what really matters in our lives. So let’s move forward with confidence and purpose, for we are the architects, builders and artists that shape the structure of our own destiny. Once we understand that our universe is a reflection of our inner state, we can take charge and align our consciousness with our highest, most powerful and abundant timeline.