The spatial extent of our universe that we perceive through our mind and senses exists in this world as silence. Silence exists not only in space but also in us in the form of the infinite depth. When we fully exist, we come in contact with it as with the peaceful inner space of no-mind. - Diana Vouba

Diana, who had more than 40 exhibitions in Russia and abroad, tried to portray the measure of silence in a new series of her works. The author has used various colors to express silence, which, in her opinion, always has different sounds. The color depth is a synonym of the existence in the soundless world of your own feelings. And the change of the color tones is a gradation of this condition.

But in fact, silence is the lack of sound, so only the sound of silence can materialize silence as an invisible space. So we added sound installations to the Diana's exhibition. It is presented as a single interdisciplinary project. Each of her works has got its own voice thanks to the special sound system, which shows the interaction of color and sound.

The music, written especially for the project by Iraida Yusupova, helps to listen to silence and reveal its versatility.

When the visitors go through the exhibition, they will hear different sound tracks. It helps to create an unusual color-sound symphony.

The works of Diana Vouba are always emotionally more sophisticated than it might seem at first glance. Instead of the color intensity in the style of American expressionism, they make the viewer immerse in an unbalanced emotional state, where anyone stays alone and tries to measure silence.

The artist's artworks are presented in the State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the funds of the Russian Academy of Arts, the gallery of the Royal family Boncompagni-Ludovisi in Rome, KolodzeiArtFoundation, as well as in private collections in Russia and abroad.

Text by Elizaveta Shagina

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