Liminal Gallery are delighted to present ‘Swallowing Mist to Lick Your Mouth’ by Dublin-based artist Eleanor McCaughey. This immersive solo exhibition delves into the complex terrain of female identity, presenting the artist's multifarious practice including installation, paintings, sculptures, and a sound collaboration with Irish sound artists Bosca Nua, offering an exploration into the history, politics, and societal constructs of the female body and identity.

McCaughey’s work has evolved into a multi-layered narrative that intertwines theological and humanistic notions. After personally navigating through challenging years of recovery from unsuccessful surgeries related to endometriosis and infertility, the artist’s work metamorphosed into a study of the historical and political landscape encircling the female form.

My work is physical, tactile, and handmade with importance on its shifting materiality. Both my painting and sculpture reveal traces of the body, performance, and healing activity through brush stroke, mark-making, and moulding. It is important to me that these qualities lend a semiotic dimension to the work, emitting a certain presence when the author isn't in the room.

(Eleanor McCaughey)

‘Swallowing Mist to Lick Your Mouth’ was created during a residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Monaghan, Ireland, and is a visceral and emotional response to the land.