None of them is exactly comfortable. Yes, none! While that may sound strange to some people, it's so true. Each of them requires a degree of inconvenience! However, you get to decide the one to roll with. When you decide to live by faith, it may seem like you're sometimes "unreasonable" but you would be living in torment if you choose fear.

Therefore, it's obvious you have to choose from either of these decisions:

Roll with fear

This suggests that one would live his or her life in perpetual anxiety, expecting the worst to happen.

What is even worse is not the fact that this person is anticipating evil, but that the thought gets a grip of the person and makes the person feel physical and emotional hurt.

As the story told of a young lady exposed, fear can make you create monsters that don't even exist. But, the fact that they don't exist physically won't exempt you from physical pain.

Here is her story

She sat on a bench at a walkway, crying profusely when a pastor approached her to find out what might have made her feel so broken.

Then, the Good Samaritan got the shock of his life when the young lady narrated her situation.

She said: "Although I am not married yet, I just thought I would get married someday and I will give birth to a son who I would call, 'Junior'. Junior would want to cross this road and get knocked down by a vehicle." (Paraphrased)

That was why she was crying!

Nothing had happened. She wasn't even married. In fact, she was "very" single — no suitors yet. But, she already created a huge dragon in her mind that was consuming her with its drastic fire. That's what fear does: it consumes those who welcome it.

Do you welcome it?

Would you like to live like that lady? I suppose not. She even left the pastor lost for words. He just couldn't utter a word after listening to her imaginative plight.

While your fear may not sound as pathetic as the lady's, haven't you harboured fear unnecessarily? Like thinking you might fail an exam you haven't even taken, thinking you may divorce your spouse even before saying, "I do." Yes, it's possible to say "I do" with your mouth and say, "I don't" in your heart. Your heart would probably prevail. Keep your heart safe — don't live in fear.

Roll with faith

This suggests living your life with hopes and aspirations and having confidence that Providence has "goodies" in store for you. Faith, as fear, is a decision. None of them is your lot but your options. Although many external factors like your environment, background, or peers may have an impact on you, you're responsible for your choice; you and you alone.

You must choose the path of faith in everything. I don't mean to sound like a preacher, but there are many benefits when we choose to live in faith.

Faith doesn't stop fear from knocking on your door; it stops you from leaving your door wide open to let it in.

Faith strives with a definite decision that says, "I am not going to wallow in fear. I am going to do my part and believe things will go well."

What that lady could have done when that thought first visited her heart is remind herself that she had a job of raising good kids who would listen to her instructions.

She could have replaced such a scary thought with: "I won't fear tomorrow; I will live my life a day at a time. I will raise kids who will follow my guide on how and when to cross the road or do anything else."

Envisage an enviable future for yourself. Your dreams are valid and you can still achieve them. Decide to act in faith today rather than hide in fear.

If someone or something keeps you on your toes, they cause you to remain alert and ready for anything that might happen but to be on your knees is to be extremely weak or tired; to beg desperately for something or to be defeated or overwhelmed.

Fear or faith, what's your favourite "F"?