Artbooth Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Lebanese-origin artist Caleen Ladki titled “Uncertainty.” On view from September 20th to 18th October at Artbooth gallery space located on the ground floor of Centro Capital Centre by Rotana, ADNEC area, Abu Dhabi.

In this captivating collection, Ladki's art mirrors life's transformative moments, often emerging from the depths of uncertainty – a testament to breaking barriers and transcending fear. Having been raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and subsequently embarking on her studies in London, Ladki’s journey unfolds through her unique artistic expressions.

The catalyst for her distinctive series of paintings was ignited when she made the move to Beirut in 2014. This transformative shift marked the commencement of her explorative journey, an engagement with her environment that profoundly influenced her art. Each of her works invites viewers to immerse themselves, to contemplate, and to embrace uncertainty from diverse vantage points.

We must set fear aside and contemplate what we could achieve without its hold. We need to incessantly put fear aside and ask ourselves, what we would do if we were not afraid.

(Caleen Ladki)

Her art is a testament to a profound expedition that blurs the lines between safety and the unknown, chaos and creation. The interplay of distinctive patterns, repetitive images, and an unending array of variations within Ladki’s compositions creates an intricate symphony of harmony. Ladki’s art narrates stories of tranquility and turmoil, freedom and tradition, all centered around embracing uncertainty and shifting focus from emotions to outcome. Her distinctive and bold use of vibrant colors and patterns is paralleled by her audacious choice of larger canvases. She exudes a natural flair for symmetry and pattern. The resulting pieces embody her creative spirit, inviting viewers to uncover layers of emotion and imagination beneath the surface. 'Uncertainty' is a celebration of Caleen Ladki's artistic voyage, an homage to embracing the unknown and finding beauty in ambiguity. The exhibition invites audiences from all walks of life to experience a visual narrative of fear conquered and uncertainty transformed.

During her time at CSM, Caleen Ladki was a semi-finalist in a competition to design the Evoke Radio by Pure. Caleen has participated in group shows and fairs. Most recently she exhibited her work at the Marie Jose Gallery, in London and Walls House of Art, in Abidjan. She has sold several pieces tothe prestigious Oakridge Hotel in Lebanon and has been part of two group shows with Artbooth UAE, exhibiting in ABC Mall in Beirut. Her paintings are part of several private collections in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA.