Where stars collide and the seasons intertwine, the emergence of esoteric traditions like astrology come to life as ancient yet powerful tools in the greater understanding of the self and our universe. Astronomer Carl Sagan described ‘the cosmos [as] all that is or was or ever will be. Our feeblest contemplations of the cosmos stir us — there is a tingling in the spine, a catch in the voice, a faint sensation, as if a distant memory of falling from a height. We know we are approaching the greatest of mysteries’ (Cosmos, 1980). In this way, astrology has the remarkable ability to be both individualistic and inclusive, intertwining personal experiences with our shared human narrative. When we understand the complexity and nuance of astrology and its implications within us, such observations become engrossing. An example of this nuance can be felt throughout the days that enclose the sun's passage from one constellation to another — known as the celestial ‘cusps’. As derived from the Latin term cuspis, interpreted as the verge of transitioning into a different state, the cusps serve as a liminal space where the energies of two distinct signs converge, creating a harmonious cosmic symphony.

Like a painter's brush stroke on the canvas of the constellations, the cusps are an enigmatic blend of contrasting colours and forces. They present us with a dance of light and shadow, where the fiery passion of one sign may meet the grounded stability of another, or the intellectual curiosity of one mingles with the intuitive depths of another. It is within the details of these celestial thresholds that the alchemy of transformation takes place, forging individuals of extraordinary depth and complexity. Yet, the power of the astrological cusps extends beyond mere individuality; they hold the reflection of a more collective human experience. They are a reminder of the inherent duality within us all, the constant interplay of strength and vulnerability, passion and reason. They teach us the art of balance, urging us to embrace the fluidity of life and to navigate them with grace and wisdom.

The Cusp of Rebirth: Pisces & Aries — (March 19 - 25)

The Cusp of Rebirth is a tantalising yet contrasting combination, with Pisces—the final sign of the zodiac associated with endings, spiritual depth, and the dissolution of boundaries, along with Aries—the first of sign of the zodiac, representing new beginnings, fiery passion, and unwavering self-expression. The fusion of these two signs blends the cardinal assertiveness of the Mars-driven Aries along with the dreamy, mutable & sensitive qualities of the Neptune-inspired Pisces. Those born under the Cusp of Rebirth possess both the empathetic insight of the elusive Fish and the dauntless courage of the fearless Ram. Like a bridge between realms, those who grace this cusp are children of the Spring Equinox, uniting the intangible and the tangible, weaving dreams into reality with the thread of their passions. Just as waves caress the shore and flames consume the darkness, these natives are the embodiment of life's dualities, harmoniously blending the hues of imagination and assertion into a masterpiece of existence. They are both the Aries doer and the Pisces dreamer, embodying the conflicting yet explosive amalgamation of fire and water, yet both give life just as much as take it away. Some vivacious people of influence born under the Cusp of Rebirth include Sarah Jessica Parker, Elton John, Georgia Patten, Glenn Close, Sergei Rachmaninoff & Aretha Franklin.

The Cusp of Power: Aries & Taurus — (April 18 - 24)

The Cusp of Power is an intense and unrelenting combination of fire and earth. It is where the impulsive flames of the Mars-driven Aries find solace in the fixed stability of the Venus-infused Taurus, where the untamed spirit of the Ram merges with the steadfast nature of the Bull. These natives possess the audacity to chase their dreams with unwavering fervour, yet rooted in the fertile soil of practicality, they have the fortitude to manifest those dreams into tangible reality. Like a wildflower rooted in the earth, they embody the essence of strength and sensuality, a delicate balance between the warrior's spirit and the lover's touch. The undeniable trademark of those born under the Cusp of Power is an obsession with their own personal power. Their birthright is nothing less than life’s most delicious offerings—generally allowing them to pursue their goals with unyielding determination and commitment. The passage of time, whether long or fleeting, is of trivial consequence as long as they reach their destination, making them exquisite guardians of kairos—an ancient Greek concept that encapsulates the art of perfect timing. Some authoritative people of influence born under the Cusp of Power include Kourtney Kardashian, Vladimir Nabokov, Elizabeth II, Hitler, Amber Heard & Shakespeare.

The Cusp of Energy: Taurus & Gemini — (May 19 - 24)

Nestled at the crossroads of earth and air, the Cusp of Energy is a realm of diverging duality. The sturdy persistence of the Venus-infused Taurus converges with the airy mutability of the Mercury-blessed Gemini, forging souls that dance on the threshold of grounded Taurean stability and ever-shifting swift-silver Geminal thoughts. Taurus roots them in sensuality, infusing their world with an appreciation for life's tangible pleasures, whilst Gemini's wings tread the threshold between words and worlds, their minds a realm of mosaic reflections and kaleidoscope expressions. Those born under the Cusp of Energy possess a fascinating tapestry of contradictions—practical yet abstract, grounded yet restless. They are cosmic fireballs, fueled by the Bull’s enduring stamina and unwavering determination, whilst also being energised by the insatiable curiosity and duality of the Twins. These natives navigate existence with an inexhaustible wellspring of enthusiasm, like an ever-flowing river running with the exuberance of springtime, traversing the realms of both earthly delights and intellectual quests. They are forever attuned to the ceaseless pulse of the universe—serving as a testament to the boundless reservoirs of energy that reside within the human spirit. Some exuberant people of influence born under the Cusp of Energy include Cher, Jeffrey Dahmer, Naomi Campbell, Bob Dylan, Atatürk & Honoré de Balzac.

The Cusp of Magic: Gemini & Cancer — (June 19 - 24)

Amongst the charm of the Cusp of Magic, the enchanting energies of air and water converge, giving rise to souls of profound depth and ethereal curiosity. Here, the Mercury-blessed spirit of the Gemini intertwines with the Moon-ruled nature of Cancer's cardinal yet gentle heart, creating beings whose essence shimmers like moonlit ripples upon the sea. Rooted in Gemini's cerebral realm, they possess a ravenous thirst for knowledge, with one mind forever split between the all-seeing duality of the Twins. Yet interwoven with the Crab’s protective and nurturing embrace, their souls hold an affinity for emotional currents, like tides responding to the moon's tender pull. Those who grace the Cusp of Magic are children of the Summer Solstice, gracefully fluctuating between the sublime and the heartfelt, along with an incessant preoccupation with childhood, the past, and real or perceived notions of nostalgia. These natives wear their sensitivity like a delicate veil, attuned to life's unspoken melodies. A harmonious interplay of mercurial curiosity and lunar tenderness shapes their existence, bestowing upon the world individuals who hold within them the poetry of eternal universal yearning. The force of magic as a guiding star also plays a powerful role when considering the magnetism of love and the enchantment of romance. Some ethereal people of influence born under the Cusp of Magic include Lana del Rey, Salman Rushdie, Louca Griscelli, Nicole Kidman, Jean-Paul Sartre, Isabella Rossellini & Meryl Streep.

The Cusp of Oscillation: Cancer & Leo — (July 18 - 25)

At the threshold of the Cusp of Oscillation, Cancer's tender waters intersect with the fixed blaze of Leo’s fire, creating a mesmerising duality that gives life to souls that embody the nurturing flame of the universe. Here, the empathic depths of the Moon-ruled Cancer converge with the Sun-kissed radiance of Leo’s charisma, birthing individuals who possess a heart as expansive as the cosmos itself. As the sun and moon are both the only luminary bodies of the heavens—our brightest and most powerful sources of light—the souls of those who grace this cusp resemble twilight, where the moon softly illuminates the skies painted by the sun's glow. Those born under the Cusp of Oscillation are forever swinging the celestial pendulum that straddles lunar sensitivity and solar passion. Like the divine dance between night and day, these souls are sensitive yet luminous, compassionate yet fierce, guarded yet boisterous, strong yet vulnerable. These natives are the cosmic guardians of childhood joy whose warmth radiates like the sun’s golden embrace. They navigate life’s waters with the broody sensitivity of the Crab, their emotions flowing like rivers guided by lunar tides. Yet also shine with the fervour of the Lion’s starlight, igniting stages with their presence and inspiring the world with their regal grace. Some enchanting people of influence born under the Cusp of Oscillation include Selena Gomez, Gabriel Thevathasan, Nelson Mandela, Carl Jung, Robin Williams, Iman & Ernest Hemingway.

The Cusp of Exposure: Leo & Virgo — (August 19 - 25)

The Cusp of Exposure is a boisterous union where the radiant fire of Leo encounters the earthy wisdom of Virgo, manifesting individuals that embody both the blaze of the late summer and the abundance of fall. Here, the charisma of the Sun-kissed Leo converges with the meticulous and mutable grace of the Mercury-blessed Virgo, forming individuals who wield both the artistry of the performer and the precision of the craftsman. Like cosmic alchemists, they transmute the raw materials of their earthly experiences into golden lessons of inspiration, blending the essence of discernment and courage into a harmonious elixir. Just as dawn kisses the sky with brilliance, those born under the Cusp of Exposure illuminate the world with their unique blend of passion and grounded insight. These natives are the celestial interpreters of the subtle interplay between revelation and introspection, Much like the sun’s rays pierce the shadows, they traverse spectrums of authenticity, using their power to expose truths about themselves, others and the world around them. Some unveiled people of influence born under the Cusp of Exposure include Marsha P. Johnson, Demi Lovato, Kirsten Botes, Tim Burton, Ashleigh Craig, Claude Debussy, Louis XVI, & Coco Chanel.

The Cusp of Beauty: Virgo & Libra — (September 19 - 25)

In the ethereal ballet that is the Cusp of Beauty, the earthly modesty of Virgo meets the airy elegance of the harmonious Libra, birthing souls that dance along the delicate tightrope of meticulous prudence and refined beauty. Here, the self-sacrifice of the Mercury-blessed Virgo meets the Venus-infused Libra in her cardinal quest for equilibrium, creating individuals who possess both the eye of a discerning critic and the heart of a compassionate mediator. These natives stand as ambassadors of symmetry, cultivating a realm where rationality and aesthetics merge seamlessly—embodying the essence of both precision and poise. Those born under the Cusp of Beauty are children of the Autumnal Equinox, like petals of a rose unfolding at dawn's embrace, they navigate life curating an existence of enchanting allure with profound attention to detail. Their constellations are indeed twin stars adorning the night sky, as Virgo is the virgin and Libra symbolises the scales she holds, both sharing the common gift of the perceptive gaze that absorbs the nuances of their surroundings. Their hearts resonate with a quest for justice, with the Virgo who seeks to rectify through servitude, while Libra’s charm seeks to balance the scales through diplomacy and relational connections. Some alluring people of influence born under the Cusp of Beauty include Sophia Loren, Twiggy, Leonard Cohen, Nicole Richie, Euripides, F. Scott Fitzgerald & Andrea Bocelli.

The Cusp of Drama & Criticism: Libra & Scorpio — (October 19 - 25)

In the mystical confluence of the Cusp of Drama and Criticism, the harmonious glamour of Libra converges with the intense depths of Scorpio, giving life to souls that characterise the enigmatic dance between charm and intensity. Here, the Venus-infused Libra in her pursuit of perfection & connection intertwines with the Pluto-powered Scorpio's fixed pursuit of the truth—creating individuals who possess both the grace of diplomacy and the magnetic pull of raw authenticity. These natives are artists wielding both the brush and the dagger, forever embodying the delicate interplay between surface level attraction and profound soulful exploration. Those born under the Cusp of Drama and Criticism traverse a life infused with Libra’s flair for drama and theatrics, along with Scorpio’s unyielding discernment, allowing them to soar with the winds of romance and dance with the shadows of secrecy. While Libra uses beauty and words as her weapon, Scorpio uses calculation and piercing insight; imbuing those of this cusp with a captivating intensity that makes them gorgeous yet scary, engrossing yet intimidating, approachable yet enigmatic. Just as the beauty of the stars glitter in the void of midnight’s sky, they walk the edge of light and darkness, transmuting it into something that co-exists seamlessly. Some captivating people of influence born under the Cusp of Drama & Criticism include Kim Kardashian, Eminem, Rita Hayworth, Judge Judy, Drake & Pablo Picasso.

The Cusp of Revolution: Scorpio & Sagittarius — (November 19 - 24)

In the transformative alliance that is the Cusp of Revolution, the deep intensity of Scorpio’s waters converges with the boundless and mutable optimism of Sagittarius’ fire, birthing souls that embody the fusion of extremity and expansive wisdom. Here, the Pluto-powered Scorpio’s plight for ultimate transformation coincides with the Jupiter-endowed Sagittarius in their incessant hunger for adventure and knowledge, forging individuals who hold within them the capacity for profound metamorphosis and unrestricted evolution. Like a comet streaking through the cosmos, they are forever soaring with the ardour of an adventurer conquering new horizons. Those born under the Cusp of Revolution are celestial voyagers, propelled by the fiery arrow of the Archer and guided by the Scorpion’s ruthless sting. These natives are cosmic revolutionaries, poised on the threshold of transmutation and empiricism, challenging tradition with their Scorpionic judgement and Sagittarian enlightenment. They stand at the precipice of revelation, analysing the world with a penetrating gaze and audacious spirit, relentlessly igniting the fires of reformation within themselves and the world around them. Some radical people of influence born under the Cusp of Revolution include Miley Cyrus, Ted Bundy, Björk, Calvin Klein, Voltaire & John F. Kennedy Jr.

The Cusp of Prophecy: Sagittarius & Capricorn — (December 19 - 25)

In the celestial waltz of the Cusp of Prophecy, the free-spirited wanderlust of Sagittarius meets the earthly diligence of the ambitious Capricorn, giving rise to individuals who harmonise the pursuit of universal wisdom with the cardinal drive of absolute achievement. Here, the Jupiter-endowed Sagittarius in his pioneering exploration fuses with the Saturn-scorned Capricorn’s dedication to discipline and unrelenting success. Just as the winter’s ice gives way to the promise of spring, they thrive through the landscape of life relying both on utopian ideals and resolute determination. Those born under the Cusp of Prophecy are children of the Winter Solstice, encapsulating both the Archer’s arrow of optimism, along with the Sea-goat’s steady climb towards triumph. These natives truly embody the delicate interplay between boundless inspiration and the unwavering willpower of accomplishment. They are the interpreters of life’s intricate patterns, charting their course with the impeccable precision of a seasoned navigator and the expansive vision of a celestial wanderer. Much like oracles who bridge the realms of the mundane and the mystical, they hold within them the gift of prophecy, deciphering the hidden threads of fate that weave through the threshold of time. Some visionary people of influence born under the Cusp of Prophecy include Jean-Michel Basquiat, Chet Baker, Jeya Thevathasan, Dr Adrienne Biskaduros, Vanessa Paradis, Carla Bruni & Édith Piaf.

The Cusp of Mystery & Imagination: Capricorn & Aquarius — (January 17 - 22)

In the astral union of the Cusp of Mystery & Imagination, the pragmatic diligence of the earthy Capricorn mingles with the airy avant-gardiste originality of Aquarius, bearing individuals who walk the line between tradition vs revolution and structure vs innovation. Here, the Saturn-scorned Capricorn’s disciplined rise to success blends with the Uranus-empowered Aquarius’ quest for radical social progress, giving them the drive to ascend the peaks of their ambition as well as revolutionise and reshape the world with their collectivist innovation. This cusp is akin to the gentle shift from winter's grasp to the tender whispers of spring, where the solidity of Capricorn's roots meld seamlessly with the freedom that fuels Aquarius’ soul. Those born under the Cusp of Mystery & Imagination possess both the tenacious ambition of the mountain-climbing Sea-goat as well as the detached and rational spirit of the Water-bearer—whose ultimate desire is to pour inspiration into the collective consciousness. This amalgamation births natives who carry within them the mystery of the old soul and the subversive imagination of the pioneer. This allows them to climb any summit with their strong initiative and stoic insight, as well as to challenge archaic traditions for the sake of the collection. Some innovative & unconventional people of influence born under the Cusp of Mystery & Imagination include Eartha Kitt, Michelle Obama, Christian Dior, Edgar Allan Poe, Rasputin & Janis Joplin.

The Cusp of Sensitivity: Aquarius & Pisces — (February 16 - 22)

In the spiritual union of the Cusp of Sensitivity, the innovative intellect of Aquarius unites with the boundless compassion of Pisces, shaping individuals that reside at the threshold of airy imagination and watery intuition. This cusp embodies the transition from the visionary to the ethereal, akin to the moment when a dream takes flight. Here, the revolutionary spirit of the Uranus-empowered Aquarius harmonises with the Neptune-inspired Pisces and their transcendental empathy—blessing them with both the drive to reshape the world as well as the profound sensitivity to navigate its intricate emotions. They are cosmic dreamers, dissolving the boundaries between the known and the unknown, forever standing on the shores of reality while dipping their toes into the ocean’s subconscious. Those who grace the Cusp of Sensitivity possess a rare gift that allows them to feel the collective pulse, where the Water-bearer expresses itself in a quest for social justice like a rebel with a cause, while the slippery fleshy Fish absorbs the world’s emotions like an empathic sponge. Both driven by a longing for transcendence, whether through Aquarian intellectual innovation or Piscean spiritual exploration, these natives carry within them two mystics of different traditions who share tales of the divine, bonding through their shared pursuit of the extraordinary in an otherwise ordinary world. Ultimately, the souls of this threshold cast infinite ripples of compassion and inspiration that touch the hearts of all those who cross their paths. Some influential people born under the Cusp of Sensitivity include Rihanna, Kurt Cobain, Paris Hilton, Nina Simone, Hubert de Givenchy & Eckhart Tolle.