Contemporary landscape artist and founder of Art for Charity Collective (ACC) Lucy Kent is excited to be exhibiting her latest body of work - Plains to Coast - at Patrick Mavros from 20-23 September 2023, sponsored by The Luxury Safari Co. This is her first oeuvre inspired by the African landscape, which displays her signature style with a Kenyan twist whilst raising money for two Kenyan charities - Lion Guardians, Diani Children’s Village.

Having trained originally in portraiture at Charles Cecil in Florence, Lucy has painted professionally since 2004. It was however a move to the countryside when Lucy’s love of nature and being outdoors inspired her to begin painting the views from her home in Wiltshire. Since which she has never looked back - sell-out solo shows, a waiting list for commissions, the demand for her paintings has never been so strong.

Lucy works primarily en plein air, creating bold and energetic landscapes. Earlier this year she travelled to Kenya with The Luxury Safari Co. and explored the Chyulu Hills, Lake Naivasha and Diani Beach. The country’s vast expanses of land and sky, never-ending acacia trees, white sand beaches and bright blue sea provided her with endless inspiration and served as the perfect subjects for her dynamic brushstrokes, allowing her to convey the sense of energy that defines her work.

This has been one of my most favourite painting destinations to date, I loved painting the vast horizons, expansive skies and distinctive light, charting how it changed as I travelled from the plains to the coast. It is a real honour to be showing this work at Patrick Mavros, who does so much for the conservation of wildlife.

(Lucy Kent)

Lucy is drawn to the environment's ever-changing presence, the play of light on landscapes at different times of day and the spectrum of colours everchanging throughout the seasons. She paints thickly and quickly to capture fleeting moments in nature, her brushstrokes fluid and rhythmic. Her signature large skies, rolling clouds and kaleidoscope of colours are often inspired by the British countryside - Wiltshire, Devon, Dorset and Cornwall - though loves seeking out the essence and expression of countries further afield as seen in her latest exhibition. Lucy will be donating a percentage of her sales to two Kenyan charities: Lion Guardians, a conservation organisation dedicated to finding and enacting long-term solutions for people and lions to coexist, and Diani Children’s Village, which provides orphans and neglected and abandoned children with a home.

Lucy Kent is a British contemporary landscape painter living and working in Wiltshire, and founder of the highly successful Art for Charity Collective. Having originally trained in portraiture, Lucy felt more of a pull to the landscape around her and taught herself how to paint it. She works in oil, both en plein air and from her studio, creating works in direct response to the environment around her. Working directly from life and combining knife and brush marks, her work is energetic, vibrant and immersive.