Space Gallery St Barth is delighted to present renowned photographer Gilles Bensimon and his Flower series in a solo exhibition 'In Bloom'. The exhibition will open mid July at the gallery's St Barth location through late August and will feature a selection of photography from this series.

His flowers have a painterly quality to them and take on an other-worldliness. Suspended in water, their shapes distort, change, move and come to life. Their beauty is magnified under the water’s gaze and the light caresses the fold of every petal. The familiar becomes unfamiliar. Bensimon encourages us to look at his flowers with a fresh eye, appreciate the beauty of the world around us with new curiosity and wonder. His flowers transcend the ordinary into beautiful underwater creatures.

Gilles Bensimon has enjoyed a prestigious career in photography as one of the most recognizable names in the industry. During his tenure as International Creative Director and Head Photographer of Elle Magazine, Bensimon's vision reached an estimated 20 million readers worldwide. A well-known celebrity photographer, it is his artist sensibility that has led him to capture images for nearly three decades. His uniquely vital and sensual style celebrates not only women, but beauty in still life and objects. Bensimon has a collector’s soul. He is from a family of antique dealers and, at a very early age, he developed a passion for art and objects generally.

He looks at nothing but sees everything… Gilles is a paradoxical man, he works with a precise offhandedness. For him, work is a given, yet something that is done with pleasure and delicacy…. His aesthetic has dazzled the eyes of the whole world for nearly three decades. Woman and beaches, bodies, eyes, smiles, curves and desire – nothing less pretentious, nothing more important. His photographs don’t need words, they tell of sun, happiness and beauty;…for this tenant of life nothing matters but everything is important…. His work has become an arrestingly lovely oeuvre.

(Carla Bruni)

Currently, Gilles Bensimon is an active commercial, fashion and editorial international photographer. He lives and works in New York.