De Primi Fine Art from Lugano is glad to announce the group exhibition dedicated to landscape photography, in its various forms.

Artists participating: Ansel Adams, Andrey Belkov, Marco Campanini, Edward S. Curtis, Daniele De Lonti, Olafur Eliasson, Gianfranco Gorgoni, Naoki Ishikawa, Abbas Kiarostami, Giuseppe Leone, Gian Paolo Minelli, Silvano Repetto e Vittorio Sella.

Ansel Easton Adams (San Francisco 1902 - Carmel-by-the-sea 1984) is an American photographer known for the refined images taken in the national parks of the United States of America.

Marco Campanini was born in Parma on 13th April 1981. He graduated in Aesthetic philosophy from the University of Parma; his dissertation was entitled The aesthetics of "visibility" in Italo Calvino and Giulio Paolini. He has exhibited at a range of both solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

His personal exhibitions include "Prime Visioni" curated by Luigi Fassi at Vitamin Arte Contemporanea, Turin, in 2005; "Grand Tour" curated by Daniele De Luigi and Alfredo Sigolo at the Sala Celio, Rovigo, in 2006; "Isolario", curated by Daniele De Luigi at Galleria 42 Contemporaneo, Modena, in 2007; and "Collezione di Sabbia", curated by Luigi Fassi at Fotografia Italiana arte contemporanea, Milan, in 2008. His exhibitions include "Italia, 1946-2006. Dalla Ricostruzione al Nuovo Millennio" curated by CRAF, the Photography Archiving and Research Centre, at the Pordenone Exhibition Centre in 2006, at the J. D. Carrier Art Gallery, Columbus Centre, Toronto, at the Metro Center, Toronto, and in Washington, Berlin and Halle; "La terra e le nuvole. Fotografia italiana da Ghirri a oggi" curated by Walter Guadagnini at Unicredit Private Banking, Milan, in 2006; "Ereditare il paesaggio" curated by Giovanna Calvenzi and Maddalena d'Alfonso at the Ara Pacis Museum, Rome, and at the Museum of Biella, Biella, in 2007. The quality of his work has been officially recognised on a number of occasions.

He won the "PagineBianche d'Autore" prize 2005-2006 for the Emilia Romagna region, a competition sponsored by Seat Pagine Gialle S.p.A.; the "Menotrenta" prize at "Linguaggi a Confronto", the National Meeting of Young Artists in Savigliano (CN); and the "1st Fotografia Italiana arte contemporanea prize", Milan, in 2006. His photographs have been published in a host of publications and are part of both public and private collections include the Unicredit collection, the MIFAV collection (Museum of Photographic Images and Visual Arts) in Rome, and the Panizzi Library collection in Reggio Emilia.

Daniele De Lonti was born in Milan in 1959. He approaches to the image after meeting A. Bonasia. He studied photography with G. Chiaramonte, at the Civic in Milan, which became an assistant. Since 1988, he moved to Reggio Emilia and collaborates with Luigi Ghirri. From 1993 he began his independent artistic career.

Olafur Eliasson, born in Copenhagen in 1967 to Icelandic parents, studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts between 1989 and 1995. In 1990, when he was awarded a travel budget by the Royal Danish Academy of Arts, Eliasson went to New York where he started working as a studio assistant. He received his degree from the academy in 1995, after having moved in 1993 to Cologne for a year, and then to Berlin, where he has since maintained a studio.

For many projects, the artist works collaboratively with specialists in various fields, among them the architects Thorsteinn and Sebastian Behmann (both of whom have been frequent collaborators), author Svend Åge Madsen (The Blind Pavilion), landscape architect Gunther Vogt (The Mediated Motion), architecture theorist Cedric Price (Chaque matin je me sens différent, chaque soir je me sens le même), and architect Kjetil Thorsen (Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, 2007). Today, Studio Olafur Eliasson is a laboratory for spatial research that employs a team of circa 30 architects, engineers, craftsmen, and assistants who work together to conceptualize, test, engineer, and construct installations, sculptures, large-scale projects, and commissions.

As professor at Universität der Künste Berlin, Olafur Eliasson founded the Institute for Spatial Experiments (Institut für Raumexperimente, IfREX), which opened within his studio building in April 2009.

Gianfranco Gorgoni was born in Rome originally from Abruzzo, Gianfranco moved to Milan and after a trip to London in 1965, he devoted himself entirely to photography. After a year as an assistant, he opened a studio in Porta Ticinese, Milan. On October 28, 1968, attracted by the beauty of America, he embarked on a freighter ship in exchange for a photo essay of life on board. After 14 days at sea, he landed in New York and started photographing the representations of the Open and the Living Theatre. It was with these pictures, he began his collaboration with the Italian weekly, L'Espresso.

Naoki Ishikawa is a photographer and climber born in 1977 in Tokyo, Japan. He obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Waseda University in 2002. In 2005 he obtained his Master in Fine Arts at the Tokyo University of the Arts where, three years later, he obtained a doctorate. He exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions in Japan as well as in the rest of the world. He won great number of awards. He published his photographic work in different books: Pole to Pole (ChuoKoron Shinsha, 2003), Void (Knee High Media, 2005), New Dimension (AKAAKA, 2007), Polar (Little More, 2007), Vernacular (AKAAKA, 2009) and Mt. Fuji (Little More, 2009) He works as a Special Research Fellow at the Institute for Art Anthropology at Tama Art University in Tokyo.

Abbas Kiarostami (22 June 1940) is an internationally acclaimed Iranian film director, screenwriter, photographer and film producer. An active filmmaker since 1970, Kiarostami has been involved in over forty films, including shorts and documentaries. Kiarostami attained critical acclaim for directing the Koker Trilogy (1987–94), Taste of Cherry (1997), and The Wind Will Carry Us (1999). Kiarostami has worked extensively as a screenwriter, film editor, art director and producer and has designed credit titles and publicity material. He is also a poet, photographer, painter, illustrator, and graphic designer. Kiarostami is part of a generation of filmmakers in the Iranian New Wave, a Persian cinema movement that started in the late 1960s and includes pioneering directors such as Forough Farrokhzad, Sohrab Shahid Saless, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Bahram Beizai, and Parviz Kimiavi. The filmmakers share many common techniques including the use of poetic dialogue and allegorical storytelling dealing with political and philosophical issues. Kiarostami has a reputation for using child protagonists, for documentary style narrative films, for stories that take place in rural villages, and for conversations that unfold inside cars, using stationary mounted cameras. He is also known for his use of contemporary Iranian poetry in the dialogue, titles, and themes of his films.

Giuseppe Leone (Ragusa 1936) is a photographer known for his poetic images, almost always in black and white, depicting landscapes, architecture and scenes of his native Sicily.

Silvano Repetto was born in Mendrisio in 1968, lives and works in Lugano (Switzerland). Artist that moves between performance, multimedia and more traditional artistic media, has received numerous awards and his works are part of several international collections. He also works as a director and producer.

Vittorio Sella (Biella, August 20, 1859 - Biella, August 12, 1943) was an Italian mountaineer and photographer. His photos of the mountains are still considered among the finest ever made. Born in Biella in 1859 by industrialist Giuseppe Venanzio Sella and Clementina Mosca Riatel, he inherited the passion for the mountain from his uncle Quintino Sella, founder of the Italian Alpine Club. He completed several significant ascents in the Alps, including the first winter of the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa, and the first winter traverse of Mont Blanc. He participated in several expeditions abroad, including: three expeditions to the Caucasus, where there is still a peak that bears his name, the expedition to Mount Sant'Elias in Alaska in 1897, the expedition to Mount Ruwenzori in Uganda's 1906, and the expedition to K2 in 1909. In these last three shipments was a companion of Luigi Amedeo of Savoy-Aosta, Duke of Abruzzi. Vittorio Sella completed his last attempt the Matterhorn at the age of 76 years: on this occasion had to retreat after an accident involving one of his guides. He died in Biella in 1943. His photo collection is now managed by the Fondazione Sella.

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