You belong among the wildflowers
You belong somewhere close to me
Far away from your trouble and worry
You belong somewhere you feel free
You belong somewhere you feel free

(Tom Petty)

PDX Contemporary Art is pleased to present our summer group show, You belong among the wildflowers, a pretty, varied show inspired by the beauty, inspiration, and admiration of flowers.

Blooms and blossoms appear throughout art history and are present in most significant art movements. They have been used to represent love, passion, spirituality, and resilience, as well as mortality and the ephemeral. Many artists, even those not known for their botanical works, have at some point in their careers explored flowers in their practice. Rich with symbolism and a universal token for beauty, flowers can embody a feeling, set a mood, and convey unspoken language.

This show is dedicated to the people and creatures of this world, particularly the individuals who feel worried about the state of the earth, politics, and their personal lives. May this uplifting and refreshingly pretty show bring some pleasure, enjoyment, and ease.

You belong among the wildflowers features works by artists: Patrick Abbey (watercolor), Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen, Tina Beebe (oil painting), Nick Blosser (watercolor), Iván Carmona (ceramics and paintings), Marjorie Dial (ceramic, ash glaze, and river glass), Amjad Faur (gelatin silver photograph) Bean Finneran (ceramics), Ellen George (casein, silverpoint, and gold metalpoint on birch panel), Victoria Haven (watercolor on paper), Justin L’Amie (watercolor, gouache & walnut ink on paper), Nancy Lorenz (mother of pearl inlay, pigment, lacquer on wood panel), D. E. May (colored pencil and ink on paper), Kristen Miller, (Italian glass beads on found Finnish linen), Jeffry Mitchell (porcelain), Georgina Reskala (photograph on linen with embroidery), Joe Rudko (found photographs on paper), Susan Seubert (platinum print), Adam Sorensen (oil on linen), Barbara Stafford (water soluble oil on panel), Andy Stout (oil on linen), Storm Tharp, Terry Toedtemeier (photography), Molly Vidor (oil on linen), Mike Vos (4x5 film photography), Yamamoto Masao (photography), and Larry Yes (painted wood).