Beauty, quality and luxury - even in the smallest details of our lives - have the ability to calm, reassure, uplift and inspire us.

Believing that women should feel elegant and effortlessly stylish during their downtime, and that seduction is all about discretion and subtlety for those with discerning, confident taste, Anne's unwavering attention to detail has resulted in the creation of this luxuriously relaxed, understated, glamorous, contemporary - and yet timeless - collection, made to an exceptionally high standard.

Anne Wiggins has been in love with silk nightwear and loungewear since she was a girl. Born in Papua New Guinea, she was raised there and, later in Australia. Anne began to design her own clothes as a young girl, which she either made herself or had tailored to her specifications. She would also spend hours poring over her grandmother's magazines from the 1940s and 1950s, which contained patterns for the clothes they contained. Over the years, this process honed her appreciation of beautiful craftsmanship, fabrics, textures, draping techniques and attention to detail.

Free from the obligation to produce in large quantities, Anne painstakingly sourced the very finest raw materials and the best craftsman using traditional artisan techniques, all without compromising her ethical beliefs:

As a Buddhist for over twenty years, it is vital to Anne that the silk worms producing the silk for her garments not suffer. She insists on the principle of ahimsa (non-violence). Traditional silk farmers boil the cocoons to kill the moths and harvest their cocoons. However, Anne favours the rarer and much more expensive – but infinitely more humane – approach whereby moths are allowed to mature and emerge unscathed from their cocoons.

In this process, because the one continuous silk fibre woven by the silkworm has been broken into many smaller strands by the emerging moth, the cocoon is degummed to remove the sericin and then spun like other fibres – such as cotton or hemp – rather than being reeled onto spools in one continuous silk strand. As a result of being spun as a fibre rather than being reeled as a thread, the fabric produced is warmer and softer, yet paradoxically can often be rougher to the touch. However, Anne painstakingly sourced a small factory in Japan that spins bespoke orders of the very finest quality, softest silk from these fibres.

Anne considers quality as being crucial to every choice she makes regarding these garments. She feels that producing objects of a high quality that will last for many year’s amounts to a fundamental contribution to the environment: to manufacture clothing that will be disposed of after a few years of use – no matter how green the process of their manufacture and disposal – misses the point. Ethics and quality should go hand-in-hand... Anne believes that the right approach to this issue is essential to our future.

These elegant pieces will take you from play to the boudoir and beyond - flirty camisoles, dreamy sleepwear, sexy slips and luxurious robes - all constructed from the finest quality silk in the most flattering Champagne colour...