Guillaume Cornet's newest series, "Elephants in the Hood, an Urban Tapestry", offers an extraordinary interpretation of the Empire State through the eyes of the French London-based illustrator. Cornet's artwork showcases the vibrant atmosphere and distinctive architecture of the bustling city that never sleeps—New York.

In his unique style, Cornet portrays a world filled with colorful and whimsical characters, who navigate through a backdrop of joyful urban chaos. These characters, along with their interactions, add a playful and lively element to his illustrations. Each drawing is a unique original, and highly collectable. By combining elements of fantasy and reality, Cornet's artwork captures the essence of New York City, showcasing its energy, diversity, and iconic landmarks. Through his illustrations, he invites viewers to immerse themselves in a vibrant and imaginative world that reflects the spirit of the city.

Guillaume Cornet is a French artist and illustrator working in London. His meticulously detailed compositions explore notions of abstract geometry, influenced by surreal perspectives and architecture. A graduate of Camberwell College of Arts, Guillaume’s artwork has been exhibited internationally and he has worked on projects for the BBC, Pentagram, Nike and many more.

Guillaume’s work is filled with intricate characters, creating a playful and whimsical visual language.

His latest children’s book Elephants on Tour, brings together 16 cities teaming with humorous scenes of everyday life and bizarre situations.

As an illustrator, I have always worked with characters/creatures to communicate my inner thoughts, ideas, emotions, and situations. At some point I wanted to create an environment for my creatures to grow, a place where I could let my imagination conquer the entire paper.

I decided to push my limits by combining large format illustration with extreme detail and precision, uniting the things in life that inspire me the most: places + people.

Most of the Cityscape and Favela series are inspired by densely populated areas from cities which I have visited or lived in: South America, Paris, London, and Barcelona. The characters are based on people and situations I come across in my daily life, along with unusual sounds, objects, misunderstandings, and the world which revolves around me.

(Guillaume Cornet)