Carpenters Workshop Gallery are delighted to announce the first solo exhibition of Dutch artist Frederik Molenschot’s work, Atlas 2000, from June 2 to September 1, 2023, in its Parisian space at 54 rue de la Verrerie in the Marais district of Paris.

Occupying the first floor, this exhibition will feature new works from Molenschot’s latest research – Gingerblimp, Artificial Forest, Bridge Beat, S TATI CA, The Grasspeople, and Cosmos Life – offering a unique glimpse of his talent.

The Gingerblimp, Artificial Forest, and Bridge Beat series illustrate Molenschot’s expertise in using materials such as steel and bronze to create monumental and beautifully detailed pieces. Gingerblimp presents organic and strangely familiar structures, while Artificial Forest explores the tensions between nature and artifice.

Bridge Beat is a series of imaginary bridges, reflecting the artist’s fascination with architecture and engineering.

Represented by the gallery since 2008, Molenschot is widely recognised for his distinctive aesthetic, which combines traditional skills with modern technologies. The choice of Paris was motivated by the dynamic cultural energy of the city which fosters a receptive audience for Molenschot’s unique perspective. Molenschot’s works embody a unique fusion of past and present, combining noble materials and elegant forms with cutting-edge technology and contemporary cultural references. Considering himself a landscape sculptor – he sculpts what he sees in landscapes.

The multidisciplinary artist – known for his innovative approach and his mastery of ancient techniques such as metalwork, foundry, and engraving, explores themes of history, nature, and technology. Creating art objects that have the power to captivate and inspire their audience.

Frederik Molenschot (Studio Molen, since 2005) is an artist and designer from the Netherlands. He studied man and public space at the Design Academy and now describes himself as a landscape sculptor. For all his work he uses what he sees and finds in landscapes, (natural, industrial, urban, cosmos, milky way) which he transforms into archetypes and then into objects. Molenschot is not bonded to one material, but bronze is often used for his robust and large sculptures.

Molenschot’s passion for making things was influenced by his upbringing, as both of his parents’ families owned factories. He grew up next to a factory, which ignited his love for creating. He now creates all of his works in his studio, where he lives and works in Zaandam with a team of various creatives. Through his artistic journey, Molenschot has discovered new materials and techniques, collaborating with different craftsmen, and growing his business. However, at his core he remains a passionate artist and polaroid photographer, expressing himself most often through 3D works that translate his stories into objects.

Molenschot’s artistic journey began in the year 2000, when he started creating his personal Atlas – a diary of projects and materials. His work has been chronicled in a book that captures moments in time, transforming them into culturally significant works of art.