Every, rip or tear, another experiment with what certain materials can do. What you watch or what you do, if you feel something else, you have to get out, you have to leave, leave, let’s leave now. A cloth or clothing a material covering, an invitation and escape into this place, a place of force and purpose and troubling towards, troubling along as it goes, it moves, things move with it. Changes something in our being, Seen together, under an event sound sense of them, and the self-generated audiences/utterances.

"I started using a video camera in 1992, initially making experiments whilst at art school, usually alone, performing for the camera, rather self-consciously aware of producing and image. I recorded some of these ideas, and also experimented with a live feed from one room to another via a cable. Around the same time I met a woman who was making a video documentary about all women punk bands who were playing at that time in the UK. I joined the project and travelled around with her camera, shooting shaky footage at gigs, and attempted more intimate portraits with audience members. I started working voluntarily for Cinenova a women’s film and video distributor in London, in 1994 after finishing at art school. Through this series of exchanges, I found out about ‘Joanie 4 Jackie’ a video chain-letter project initiated by Miranda July, in which women would send their videos to Miranda and in return receive a videotape with 10 or so other videos on. I joined Miranda’s project and with her started a version in Europe called ‘and I will do’. The videos that I am showing here are indirectly the product of this activity, although I have not included any of the above work". - Emma Hedditch

Emma Hedditch (born 1972, UK) is an artist and writer based in South London, who often works collaboratively with other artists and groups of individuals with an interest in process over products. Heavily influenced by politicised conceptual practice and feminism, her work often forms collectively produced films, fanzines as well as 'social situations' such as workshops, screenings and events.

All images courtesy of Andy Crouch