Tint Gallery is pleased to announce “Inside Out,” Dasha Pears’ first solo exhibition at Tint Gallery.

Dasha Pears is an award-winning artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Her aesthetically clean works focus on self- discovery and inner worlds. They are like doors to a surreal universe where any psychological state becomes beautiful.

Pears uses the instruments of surrealism, minimalism, color, photography, and digital manipulation to tell surprising visual stories with a twist. Each work is like a one-shot movie, depicting the reality of what's going on in the human mind. Every emotion and psychological state becomes something outwardly beautiful in Pears’ creative hands. Her art gives viewers a chance to be at peace with themselves, to let the clutter of everyday life disappear. Pears encourages viewers to concentrate on a limited number of emotions and ideas while looking at her art.

“Inside Out” features 20 captivating minimalistic works from Pears’ series “Life of Folds” and “Resistance,” in which rhythm, repetitions, and birds play a prominent role. The calming effect of rhythm’s predictability and pattern recognition allows the mind to relax, to make room for psychological states to come to light, to recognize and make peace with them. The human figure’s presence in each of Pears’ works is an important way for viewers to identify with her work and to connect the surreal to the real.

Origami birds feature in many of Pears’ works. For Pears, birds are symbolic expressions of our soul. They personify our inner voices, allowing us to observe our thoughts without judgment and help us let go. Birds are free and wise. They react to change but have an internal compass. Each viewer will have their own interpretation of what birds symbolize. This personalizes the experience one has with Pears’ work.

Pears aims to provide an unusual and otherworldly psychological escape to viewers. She hopes that interacting with her art will allow viewers to feel more in control of their lives and that difficult emotions, which might seem overwhelming, become easier to accept and live with.

Remove the noise. See clearly.

(Dasha Pears)

Dasha Pears started on her artistic path in 2010. Since then, she has received many notable awards, including the Smithsonian Magazine Award, a gold medal from the Photographic Society of America and, most recently, a Certificate of Artistic Achievement from the Luxemburg Art Prize. Pears has exhibited her work all over the world, from the US and Mexico to Europe, Asia, and Australia, including large international juried shows such as NordArt, Germany, and the Prague International Art Exhibition. Her artworks are in over 100 private collections worldwide, including those in London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Austin, and Tel-Aviv. Pears’ creations are owned by expert art lovers working for Sotheby's, the Harvard Art Museum, and the Obama Foundation.