On the auspicious occasion marking over forty-five years as a contemporary art venue in Colorado, Robischon Gallery is pleased to present “45 +,” Part II of the gallery’s anniversary exhibition series which began with Part I in November of 2022.

The distinctive tandem presentations offer a unique glimpse into the broader spectrum of numerous noteworthy Robischon Gallery exhibitions. While touching upon a specific selection of the gallery’s far-reaching dialogues within art, the series features new and memorable archived artworks by several represented and previously exhibited artists in celebration of all of the exemplary artists the gallery has presented over its many decades-long presence in Colorado.

Part I highlighted twenty-nine artists in a blend of tangential or thematic modes of cross-cultural/political histories, symbiotic human relationships with Nature in form or narrative, as well as an exaltation of Nature’s beauty and issues of environmentalism.

In Part II, varied modes in overt abstraction are on view by thirty local, regional, national, and internationally recognized artists who offer sculpture, painting, print, and photo-based works on paper in a wide range of approach with a strong sense of materiality and process.

Since its inception in 1976, Robischon Gallery has been producing museum-level contemporary art exhibitions for its audiences in Colorado and beyond. Embracing the ongoing pluralism in art, the exhibitions and artists represented and regularly exhibited purposefully address a continuum of stylistic and contextual concerns, allowing for a diverse range of voices.

Robischon Gallery’s expansive exhibition program maintains a commitment to burgeoning and mid-career artists of integrity and vision, while continuously broadening its list of historically significant artists shown to include Robert Motherwell, Louise Bourgeois, Yayoi Kusama, Joan Mitchell, Richard Serra, and Christo, among many others. Robischon Gallery’s represented and exhibited artists of influence such as Judy Pfaff, Kiki Smith, Ann Hamilton, Enrique Martínez Celaya, John Buck, and Bernar Venet reaffirm the gallery’s vision to foster thought-provoking and meaningful progressions in contemporary art in a variety of art-making practices. The gallery has long been recognized for premiering important artists and exhibiting challenging forms of creative expression, as it continues to set bold new standards for contemporary art in the Mountain states region.

At this celebratory time, Robischon Gallery, in gratitude, wishes to offer its heartfelt acknowledgement of all of its artists’ remarkable inventiveness, dedication in the studio and loyalty to the gallery. Without the artists leading the way, there would be no story to tell, no inspiration, and assuredly, no gallery over all these years. In concert, the gallery also wishes to sincerely recognize the importance of those individuals who have chosen to generously support the artists and the gallery – whether it be private collectors, museum directors and curators, art advisors, art consultants, architects, designers and the gallery’s many colleagues in Denver, across the country and overseas, as well as each responsive exhibition visitor.

Robischon Gallery owes its long presence in Denver to this exceptional patronage. It is also important to note those very special art writers who have made it their mission to enhance the local art community’s experience of art. Though the gallery has enjoyed coverage elsewhere, it counts itself as extremely fortunate to have been gifted, for the artists’ sake, a great deal of dedicated coverage in Denver since its earliest days – including the writing of Mary Voelz Chandler whose loss reminds all anew of how fully engaged written commentary is crucial to the vitality of any collective art culture. And finally, but no less important and critical to the gallery’s success, is its hard working, talented staff. To mount complex exhibitions at this scale, keeping each of the artworks safe, while being accessible to those who cross the gallery’s threshold, virtually or in person, requires considerable knowledge, skill, patience, and a receptive attitude.

The artists on view and all acknowledged above ignite the true spirit of Robischon Gallery. At its core, this multi-decade, two-part anniversary series celebration is a shared endeavor in devoted service of the importance and power of art.