Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world drivers champion, competing in 288 races in Formula 1, achieving 103 race wins, 103 pole positions and 183 podiums, when you put it all together it does sound very distinguishable and Lewis will not doubt be honoured as one of Formula 1’s most legendary driver, alongside Michael Schumacher. Or to some perhaps better than the world-renowned Ferrari driver.

But as the world of Formula 1 continues to evolve with new hungrier drivers, new tracks with new rules and regulations, has the seven-time world reached his limit? Let’s find out.

Starting with 2022 season:

After a controversial end to the 2021 season, Lewis Hamilton would be more determined than ever to achieve the biggest prize in Formula 1, but with the new regulations swatting Mercedes’ chances, the main title fight was between reigning champion Max Verstappen and Ferrari’s new title contender Charles Leclerc.

While the British driver scored a podium at the opening round of the season in Bahrain to keep Mercedes’ chances alive, we would have to wait another 8 races for Hamilton to achieve such similar success. But unfortunately, no race wins yet. And sadly, no wins at all throughout the rest of the season from the British driver. Breaking his all-time record for achieving a win since his debut his 2007. This would mark 2022 as Hamilton worse year within his time in Formula 1. Achieving a sixth place in the driver’s championship, 204 points shy of last year’s rival, Max Verstappen.

Unfortunately, it all only gets worse from here, as his chances of winning a race can only become slimmer from the hunger of his younger teammate, George Russell.

Threat from his teammate:

First entry in 2019 at the Australian Grand Prix, George Russell arrived in the paddock with the team, Williams and now has one of the biggest seats in the sport today alongside Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes team.

But if we rewind the clock back to 2020 at the Sakhir Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton tested positive for Covid-19 granting an opportunity to George Russell, Mercedes’ reserve at the time, a chance for his stardom to grow and an early chance to win his first grand prix. Although that prospect became short lived. During the grand prix, Mercedes had fitted the wrong tyres to Russell’s car causing him to pit on the next lap. And to make matters worse, suffered a slow puncture near the end of the race and finished ninth in the race, as the young brit was the favourite to win.

In 2022, Russell’s first year at Mercedes became a shock to everyone. Achieving a maiden pole position in Hungary and his first ever career win in Brazil, which Hamilton could not achieve. The young scored seven podiums, achieving 275 points within the season, 35 more than Hamilton. From these statistics from Hamilton’s perspective, it does sound terrifying that a potential win maybe slipping away, but with three races in of the 2023 formula 1 season, has Mercedes showed any potential of winning a race so far? Yes, to a degree.

So far, the team’s best result is Hamilton’s second place within the Australian Grand Prix. Even though, there seemed to be a spark of hope from Hamilton overtaking Verstappen on the first lap, the young Dutch driver was still able to pull out over an eight second lead that Lewis could not close by lap 53 before the red flag. Which goes to show that Red Bull are looking for the favourites again in 2023.

But with three races down and twenty to go, can Lewis Hamilton fend off his more younger and hungrier teammate, George Russell and achieve the sweet taste of victory once again?...