Liminal Gallery are delighted to announce the launch of their second exhibition space ‘The Cupboard’; an open call space for artists living and working in Thanet, to further support local creatives. The residency spans three months and is selected by the founder and director of Liminal, Louise Fitzjohn. We are thrilled to be working with our first artist Jemima Sara who will be debuting her installation ‘The Toilet’.

'The Toilet’ is a miniature installation which explores the main themes in my work. Perhaps women’s art belongs in the least it would get more viewing time. ‘The Toilet’ encapsulates a place of safety, contemplation, expression, privacy and the invasion of privacy, puppetry and day to day life. Looking at my training in puppetry I explore the tradition of sculptor Marisol Escobar; ‘the toilet’ scene is laid bare like a dollhouse inviting the audience to traverse and play with the traditional boundaries of privacy, personal autonomy and manipulation. As if we are under the control of the invisible hands and the pressures of society. I have wanted to create something that utilises the toilet, which is a universal experience and touchstone of the mundane. Whilst also highlighting the current narrative of the public toilet - being vulnerable, inaccessible and unsafe spaces too. This miniature installation investigates the main themes within my practice: feminism, text, accessibility, slogans, freedom of expression, everyday life and boundaries.

(A note from the artist, Jemima Sara)

Following Jemima Sara’s recent work surrounding toilets within her practice as a symbol for accessibility, health and conveying the importance of having accessible spaces to feel safe, Jemima has created ‘The Toilet’ within Liminal Gallery’s new exhibition space ‘The Cupboard’.

Jemima Sara is a multidisciplinary artist who incorporates the fluidity of everyday life, mental health and freedom of expression into her practice. Her formal training in Puppetry at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (graduating in 2018) followed by a MFA in Drawing at Camberwell (graduating in 2021) has enriched her drawing practice, allowing her to merge diaristic texts with the figurative. Her practice has evolved to investigate drawing as a form of expression and communication. Driving meaning from the ‘nitty-gritty’ and the day-to-day, her work reflects the tumultuous experience of the mundane existence to ignite conversation as a form of self-therapy or so-called catharsis.