Urban Landscapes is our annual BX Stage Three Training participant’s exhibition. The exhibition is a showcase of the work being created by some of our current Stage Three participants.

The theme of this year’s exhibition, Urban Landscapes, was set by BX tutors Chris Barr and Jim Maginn. The emphasis is on landscape/ cityscape including the people situated in the landscape and structures of the city.

Artists: David Abrahams, Patrick Duddy, Trevor Emerson, Rachel Kydd, Lionel Mitchell, Melissa Smyth, Vincent Taggart

This Years BX Stage Three training participants took part in a number of courses during the year. These courses ranged from Portrait photography to Street and Documentary photography.

We have 30 years experience of delivering practical training courses that enable students to develop and grow as photographers. Our photography training structure has four stages, each stage designed to help develop students’ photography skills, understanding photography as a creative medium and understanding of themselves as a photographer.