Memento mori

I knew his name before it
was his
Both my mirror and my
Of two siblings one is
always the watcher one
the dancer
I know that which I am and
used to be
Tethered by a thread if
ever far apart
I feel the pull of him
One split in two and two
forever one
For we are life and death


The cherry of a deliciously wrapped blunt is as
Lit as the extinguished heart can get
Puffing clouds of silky ribbons that flutter in the swirl of a breathe
The kids catch glimpses of shifting smoke
Sinking into the scattered objects of a room
All that lingers is the scent of loneliness
Faced with life’s inescapable
Festive spirits have not dug themselves into
me, forced themselves upon me this year
December is the same as November, and now I
Wait for the clarity that comes with January

Despero et furor

His stork soared softly through warm june airs
And plunged him deep into his mother’s Circassian sea
He floated down into her cradled arms
Till they both slept the sleep of sirens
A devastating creature invaded that night
She slipped silently into his mother’s waters
Only to raid her rose garden with flames
This beastly fiend slithered and scooped him from his safe and
Sleepy cradle and seduced the siren’s spineless man
For safekeeping
A maternity complex plagued this beast
For one child lost she took him to replace it
Confined to a cave of discord and danger
The child knew only the warmth of her gaslight bulb

Years went by and the wretched whore grew tired of his defiant disposition
She bored a beautiful baby boy from her barren womb and loved him to life
Yet love was not enough to save this baby from his untimely death
The tragedy released the boys from her cursed clutches as her
Steeple of shame and secrecy crumbled into the fertile earth
Along with her colluding man

The brothers now remain worlds apart
One adrift on lunar planes and the other astray among the chaos of a painful past
Both in perpetual and eternal search for the other


Only the dead have seen the end of war
Am I still alive if this war in my mind has died
Scattered into a billion mellifluous melodies
Ones that make the dogs go mad for
Silver maidens laden with creamy pearls
Ones they chase down the path of
Fame and pain for the death of glory

Unlike the land of the lotus Lotophagi
Lost in their daze of a life dreamt away
My mind’s silence lives on in the maze
Of this pink-petaled temple
The bud of my never-ending ascension
The seat of all our deepest
and most visceral sensations

A strawberry sylph once told me to
Alchemise my darkness into light
Transmute my grief into love
Exalt my creation over destruction
Unify our fabric over its division
Stepping slowly and steadily into
the divinity of the oversoul
Bhakti blooms in the ballroom of my mind
Samadhi in the music of my sun’s kind shine


Safety swarms the nest I built for
My architecture from the flowers of your grave
You never really know how far the ripples
Of your decisions can go
The searchers say it’s all been
Nothing but a dream right from the start
And in my change of heart
These tears could never start
To stream down peaches as
I’m streaming his peaches through
The haze of this screen
Reminiscing days of a snowy inferno
Under recent contemplation of my vega
And the flow of her feline constellation
Souls that swirl like the pool of honey
That floods the flesh of my open figs
You run from the fight not knowing
You are the weapon
Your voice is as soft as monarch silk
A mind as bewildering as the bitter blade
Yet even words won’t capture
The intuition and knowing that comes with
The many lives lived by one master alone
Anahata blooms in the fire of my chest
And with it comes a burgeoning
Gratitude to this stranger of strange lives


I fall asleep to dreams of myself
Singing and lighting up stages
With the sound of a song
Engraving music in the minds and hearts of
Lyrical lovesong lovers
Peering into crowds of lovebirds smitten by
The lyricism of loss and
All the melodies that endlessly follow
Pursued by visions of inspiration
And the relentless desire to be free
Roasting deliciously in the burning belief
That all is happening and unfolding
The way it is meant to
That if past and future are present
Then all that could already be
Already is
The way the singular size of a seed
Already has all the information it needs
Within the confines of its architecture
To grow into the twisting willow
That lilts with the voice through breeze
As so it was so it shall be and so it is

Pura anima

Wandering along the snaking
Streets of my ancient city
I wonder and ponder where
You could possibly be
Centennial cobblestones
And generations of lover birds
Flock one way to my river’s quai

I dreamt of Alannah last night
And saw her growth
In the beauty of her mane
Locks of curls like the ones of my love departed
Forever trapped in time
Inside the locket of my memories
Along a path that was not beaten
Like the ones only young souls
Would willingly take

They say the child who dies young
is stunted and forever remains frozen
in the gallery of grief
Yet those I love who bore the same
Beautiful burden of tragedy remain
Youthful in ethos with a heavy heart
Thrice their age
Gracefully wistful in a delicate
Sensitivity beyond our illusory timeline
Only for an open ajna cracked wide
Always for a spirit as abundant as the
Depths of an endless well of light
So as to keep the seat of intuition
Forever toasty

Amor sacralis

May your eyes never stray far from
The horizon high-line where
Dreams and freedom reside
Let the waves of my melodies
Guide you to me
As with music strong I only come
With my hornets and my drums
To reach all phantoms of delight
That know to sit in nature’s unassuming
Nooks and listen to the very pulse of her

It is nights like these that I bathe in beams of Calypso
Only to sense your sensitivity of course
I bind my body in ropes of twilight glow
As to dream of you with eyes serene
It is also times like these that
Within me you recall the bliss that comes only from doing
Nothing the most of all
And still somehow it feels like
Doing everything the most
Is all I have at all
With nothing left to lose
Comes everything yet to gain
As battles are lost in the same spirit
In which they are won
Walt also taught me that it is good to gain the day
So may your heart never stray
Far from the svarga skyline where
Sacral blue and beating green collide
As one flame