The Andakulova Gallery is hosting an exhibition of the talented artist Timur D'Vatz - Reawakening. Andakulova Gallery is a Dubai-based contemporary art- gallery representing Central Asian Art in the Middle East. Founded in 2012 the gallery is well-known among local and international professional art collectors and experts. Andakulova gallery is dedicated to promoting art and design practice, creative experimentation, and cross-cultural communication.

It is a unique platform for all contemporary artists from Central Asia to exhibit their artworks in various media. The exposition includes 16 incredible new artworks by the artist. Since the exhibition's opening, which took place on December 8, 2022, more than five paintings have found their home.

Timur D'Vatz's artworks are always infused with deep meaning and a diversity of symbols. You may devote hours looking at them, discovering new aspects and fascinating stories. Unique, sometimes mystical, wrapped in a mystery you desire to understand and clarify. They evoke a sense of absorption in another world, as well as immersion inside oneself to one's spiritual origins and interaction with the creative force.

The most anticipated work of the exhibition was the painting Ancient Greek myth "Perseus and Andromeda." And the pleasant surprise was an online stream with Timur D’vatz, where he spoke about inspiration and answered questions from the guests. The exhibition was visited by many artists, bloggers, and collectors, both experienced and beginners. The show will be on display at Andakulova Gallery until February 20, 2023.

Elena Kutarova, private collector: "My collection began with the acquisition of Timur D’vatz’s work and viewing the new show, discussing online with Timur D, it was thrilling and enjoyable. I am always amazed at such events where you can interact with his latest works and meet individuals similarly interested in art.”

Asel, a guest at the exhibition: “Hiking with children to exhibitions and art events for me is a great contribution to the growth of them and my soul. In their skill to nourish it, the skill to see the world through the eyes and heart of an artist. Thanks to Andakulova Gallery and artist Timur D’Vatz.”