Malaysia, a country filled with diverse backgrounds, also has a few hidden gems within its mysterious caves. There are too many gems that have not been brought to the light of the world for the fear that their shine might blind many on the face of the earth or even to the neighbouring universe. As a child, I have always grown watching my late father painting and drawing. I, on the other hand, specialized in drawing stick figures. My patients would tell you how talented I am in drawing stick figures; oh, don’t you worry about that!

Being brought up in a strict household, my father wasn’t too happy when I started using some paint on myself when I entered the years of my adolescence. Maybe he couldn’t believe the fact that his daughter was growing up to become a woman. As years passed by, he started appreciating my minimalistic approach towards grooming myself, especially in terms of makeup. Being around my best friends who were of the opposite gender, and coming back with a smudged face after martial arts or any other sports that I played wasn’t something that I wanted.

My entire life took a 180 when I saw this human artwork by an astounding gentleman whose humility made my heart melt. I never thought that you can even do that to someone’s face and make them look so flawless. Quoting Chandler Bing from the infamous TV Show, Friends “You are Perfection!”, was what slipped out of my mouth. Soon after, my curious brain started wondering if this person is even real. He could just create magic with his imagination and creativity. For me, he was just like the most talented wizard on the face of the earth-better than Professor Dumbledore himself!

For the entirety of knowing this wonderful gem, it made me feel so small as I couldn’t match up to his talent, us being almost the same age. Hey! It is impolite to ask a woman her age you know! It is still, up to this date unbelievable for me to know someone who is perfect in dancing, flawless as a make-up artist who conducts master classes worldwide, a person who spreads love and shares love with everyone around him, a pride to his family and yet still is so humble!

His magic in working with imperfections to make them perfect not only stunned me but the entire world. From providing microscopic embellishment to creating someone else to look like someone else without needing plastic surgery, leave it to the hands of this craftsman, yes you heard me right! Makeup doesn’t create beautiful women, it only enhances the natural beauty of women since every woman is born beautiful. Not only does he believe in less is more, but he also shares his knowledge with those who are willing to learn. Yes, he is a Jack of all trades but unlike Houdini, he shares his magic with everyone else.

He is adored with love from his fans and clients, he appreciates every single wish or gift which accumulates in his post box at home. Regardless of whether the gift is big or small, shiny, or dull, he takes his time to post and tag the well-wishers on his Instagram page without fail. In one of his interviews that I have watched, I remember him saying, “There have been times that I wished for a present for my birthday and I never got one but now…Well, all that I can say is that I am gifted for all the love that I am given, and I am not even sure if I deserve all that love”.

He is a man of charisma who knows how to talk. He is not known to be a person who fails to fulfil his promise. As long as I have personally known this sweetheart, he has been nothing but the epitome of a heartthrob. This personality of his embellishes his talent and that is probably why he is not only famous in Malaysia but also worldwide. From conducting Masterclasses to passing on his virtue of make-up to others and to directing short snippets which contain deep meaningful messages, everything that he ventures into brings him glory.

His name resonates with a famous Hindu God, Kannan and just like the God himself, is this human reincarnation in terms of looks, personality and basically every single strand of genetic configuration. His name is Kannan Raajamanickam. I believe it would be better if the artwork speaks for itself since a picture speaks a thousand words.

Yes, and as the title goes – this artist is so perfect that it should be illegal!