Whether you are an optimist or a pessimist, we cannot deny that being optimistic is something that humans practice more often than they might like to admit. Now, no person is purely optimistic or pessimistic, we are all generally a multitude of the opposing two sides; but each individual does tend to lean towards one more than the other, my belief is that our worldview is built on optimism especially our religions, whenever we pray, we hope and have a belief that whatever we prayed for will come to fruition.

As well as fact that we regard life as a constant struggle and a life of suffering hence the idea of heaven, we believe that once lived on earth has come to pass, we progress to a better world, where life is purely not as harsh and cruel as anything on earth. How many philosophers have concluded that to live is to suffer; indeed with as much as we like things to always go smoothly for us, we can't help but be caught by some sort of unfortunate circumstance, fall prey to our own resistance or bad situations, no one ever wishes for bad things to happen to themselves maybe to others but even in envy, the bad we wish others comes from a place of failed optimism.

If then life is a constant struggle of fighting against misfortune, should we not then always strive for optimistic outcomes even when things might not turn out the way we thought they should? The idea of optimism is that with all the bad that encumbers the world, we ought to at least be optimistic about our situations because whether the outcomes are not necessarily what we expected the optimist always has a reason to look forward to life, he always finds a sense of optimism in his life that will keep him in a good space and bring peace towards the situation that didn't work out as planned. The outlook for optimism is not simply based on blind trust that everything will always work out; even optimists must be realistic in their convictions. The fight for pessimists to kind always expect the worst is in their inability to endure the disappointment of things falling apart, the heartache of picking one’s confidence from the abyss of tormented frustrations in the outcome, always leaves us with pitiful wallowing and painful feelings of angst.

These feelings are naturally always avoided by an individual when possible, and the need to minimize their effect on mood and behaviour prevails in overwhelming the individual as to his strength; so a solution is sought and it's rather easier to expect the worst while still hoping for the best in the back of their mind but for most optimists, it is a composition of entrancing life with their own pace, while understanding that the external behaviour of natural causes cannot be entirely relied on it's this base that structures the psyche of the optimist to recognize that, they control their actions unimpeded, so while life throws you lemons make haste to create lemon juice with it.

This is the fundamental thought to approach life as an optimist, when he compounds this character in his life it gives him no reason to doubt that while some external situations will not always play right, they will be playing thus giving him an opportunity to play it to his will and furthermore, master the game of life. We are the ones who control our fate, in almost 90% of our existence the extra 10% is our outlook on external events that do not influence or should not influence our behaviour towards the outcome of any situation.

As a result, this way of life encourages a greater proportion of positivity in any situation because when the reliability of one's fate lies in their hands it does little wonder to overwhelm oneself with external issues that are limited in not only their impact on life but also their inability to control any worthwhile thoughts that are beneficial to the individual, whence then does such positivity originate from because although one can boast about being overly optimistic about life there are demons within us all telling us we either can't, won't or will never achieve our intended desire of delight in all our actions.

Such confidence should lie in actively seeking opportunities to produce work in the field you are aspiring towards because once any negative external energy is channelled into growth it starts going beyond the outside world and you begin to appreciate the effort and more importantly the journey you are on. In this arena there is very little room for self-doubt because as you work through your passion to tackle life's pitfalls, every other fickle need crumbles away into oblivion when it's tested by pure energy hell-bent on striving for prosperity along the road to success, this underlying mind frame is the juice that drive's optimism for its reliability does not lie on external forces and wishful thinking but rather on internal action that produces steady growth.

This growth is a very personal challenge indeed, it comes very distinctly to every single person due to its nature for individuality. It is not a one size fits all type of character but a question of the soul of the individual.

An antidote for every psychological disease, this way of not just thinking but also of living acquires masters in other areas of life and like a cure slowly impacts the individual wholly in terms of his physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual problems for the psyche is the father 'what one thinks, he becomes’, how many times has that quote been misused without proper consideration behind the uttered phrase. Due to the fact proven above, I have discovered that the individual strives for this passion in distinct stages with each stage requiring a different approach to it, and this passion is fluid it never stagnates but keeps on developing as the individual lives on and keeps his growth continuously active.