Meditation is a practice in which we use a technique to train attention and awareness and achieve a mentally clear mind leading us to a calm and stable state.

Stress is actually imprinted, in the nervous system, it’s a physical thing, which the mind experiences as tension and stress. Now feelings like anger, fear, and depression, they’re beautiful things in a story but a poison to us, to creativity.

The problem with antidepressant drugs, is that they can help people but create imbalances in certain areas, they can be helpful in some conditions but as Dr. Tony Nader says, why not use the mind if we have its technology.

When the mind settles down through a mental process

  • Oxygen consumption reduces;

  • Galvanic skin responses change;

  • Hormones change;

  • Brain activity changes.

And that rest is much deeper than deep sleep! This is how the body readjusts itself, by removing stresses that have been preventing the nervous system from functioning in a holistic way.

What is the third eye

The third eye, Anja chakra is what we call in science the pineal gland, which is located in the middle of our brain.

David Lynch explained it well: If we have a golf ball size consciousness, we read a book with a golf ball size understanding, and we wake up with a golf ball size wakefulness and awareness.

But if we can expand that consciousness, then we’ll read the book, with more understanding, with more awareness. Enjoyment of life grows, ideas flow more, intuition grows, we enter a field of pure knowingness, and people look like friends not like enemies. It's consciousness pure and vibrant inside each one of us, and it’s right at the source of the mind.

Meditation allows any human being to dive within, experiencing levels of mind and intellect. This pure consciousness is called by modern physics, the unified field, it’s at the base of all matter. When we experience this growth of consciousness we get enlightenment, which is the full potential of all of us.

How to achieve a meditative state

For meditation, we may sit on the floor or on a chair, it must be very comfortable.

No chanting mantras, just relax.

All activities of the mind should be shut.

Eyes are doors to the mind, they should be closed.

The mind is nothing but a box of thoughts, to transcend the mind and intellect, we can start by taking 5 deep breaths (inhale deeply, then exhale very slowly and fully).

Then, we go back to normal breathing, one has to observe and just witness the breath.

This is the main key! Cut the thoughts come back to the breath.

Slowly, the breath becomes thinner and shorter, finally, the breath settles in between the eyebrows.

In this state, one will have no breath no thought, totally thoughtless!

This state is called neural static. This is the meditative state, In this state, we will be under the shower of cosmic energy!

How long and how often should we meditate

Practicing meditation for 10 to 15 min every single day should get you there.

Try not to waste your time daydreaming in a long 40 min meditation routine.

Be patient. Namaste!