The participation of autodidact Dušan Ninić in the art world should be understood as an attempt of spiritual promotion through formal representation of supernatural phenomena in visual arts. A similar principle was presented in the last biennale in Venice and it was manifested with the participation of authors like Hilma af Klint, Rudolf Steiner and Carl Gustav Jung.

At the same time Ninić’s alchemic drawings are the results of his activity as a medium and partial control over the form, while the origin of these abstract manifestations is in the supernatural and subconscious. Ninić’s spiritual cosmology is manifested through the representations of the conditions of the soul, place and prayer. As the curator Maja Čirić says in the accompanying text, the exhibition moves boundaries between visual arts and spirituality, and as a subject of art theory, the counterpoint is the isolation of visual art and it’s impotence to function outside of its domain.

Dušan Ninić (1956) is a writer born in Zaječar. Until now he published three novels Discovery (2003), Knowledge (2007) and Cognition (2010). His work is interdisciplinary; it varies from philosophy to politics, in a manner of magical realism and Alexandrian syncretism. He published an illustrated collection of poems About the spirit and in the spirit in 2012. In the last years he has become more dedicated to drawing supernatural spiritual conditions.

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