Alberta Pane Gallery is pleased to present Marie Lelouche's fifth solo exhibition in its Parisian space.

For Unforeseen Spaces, Marie Lelouche continues her exploration of the relationships between the physical and the virtual realities of the space. The exhibition at the gallery is an extension of a research project started during an artist residency at Les Tanneries Contemporary Art Center in Amilly (France), in 2021. During this residency, Marie Lelouche was interested in the birds that inhabit the park of the art center, as a means of decentralizing our point of view on this area. Building on this, she created an exhibition that appeals both to hearing and sight, as well as to the movements of visitors and the experience of the space "augmented" by a virtual reality device.

In Paris, one of the sculptures produced during the residency is surrounded by a large-format photographic print on which intertwined fingers and feathers, distorted by folds, appear: their patterns structure the space. Moreover, the songs and tweets of the birds in Amilly resonate in the exhibition space and affect the virtual reality experience. Like echoes of their manifestations from the outside, the sounds are embedded indoors and animate the elements of a non-linear narrative that unfolds through different spaces.

The unforeseen experience, offered by Marie Lelouche to the public, has to do both with the way in which the visitor encounters the sculptures and the images displayed, and with the way in which the birds inhabit a territory.

By bringing into play several of our senses, Unforeseen Spaces provides a poetic source capable of opening up new perspectives and giving us ways to comprehend and assume the porosity and uncertainty of the realities we deal with.

Born in 1984 in Saint-Junien, France Marie Lelouche graduated from the École de Beaux Arts de Paris, the Sorbonne University, and Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains. She is currently pursuing a doctorate at the Université du Québec in Montréal and at Le Fresnoy on the subject of Post-digital sculpture. Interested in the evolution of forms taken in their techno-cultural context, with a particular focus on remix practices, she has participated in several residency programs and developed interdisciplinary collective projects.

To date, her work has been presented in several European countries and abroad (Belgium, France, Italy, UK, Brazil, South Korea). Among her latest exhibitions and projects we can mention: Out of Spaces, at CAC Les Tanneries, Amilly, France (2021-2022); Labyrinth, I am the Minotaur, Dance City, Newcastle, UK (2021); Artpress Biennial, curated by : Étienne Hatt and Romain Matthieu, Cité du design/MAMC+, Saint-Étienne, France (2020); You have a new memory at Galerie Mazzoli, Berlin, Germany (2020); Failed to synchronize, (Fabricca) Fabbrica Alta, Schio, Italy (2019); You have a new memory, Centre d'arts plastiques et visuels, Lille, France (2019); Des horizons inversés with AnneCharlotte Yver at Delta Studio, Roubaix, France (2018); Extended architectures, with Esther Stocker and Luciana Lamothe at Galerie Alberta Pane in Venice (2018); Expanded sculpture at Galerie Commune, Tourcoing (2018), France; Blind Sculpture at Mirage Festival (2018); Sensibilité Synthétique (solo show) at Galerie Alberta Pane in Paris; and Panorama 19, at Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, France in 2017.

Her work is part of public and private collections in France and Italy such as Lam (Lille Metropole Museum of Modern Art, Art Brut and Contemporary Art), Lille City Hall, Astérides (Marseille) and Spazio Thétis in Venice.