Artist and environmentalist Natalia Kapchuk launches her first solo project ‘The Lost Planet’ this Frieze season in collaboration with FprBuro Agency. Her immersive exhibition focuses on such crucial issues as climate change and plastic pollution in world’s oceans affecting marine life and contaminating sea waters. The exhibition will feature over 30 art works ranging from large-scale installations to painting and video art.

Kapchuk’s project was developed in close collaboration with such leading environmental charities as Plastic Oceans Europe, and Earthwatch Europe. A panel discussion bearing the title ‘Is this Planet Earth’s Dying Century?’ and involving the experts from Plastic Oceans Europe, Earthwatch Europe and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) will take place during the show.

In her artist’s statement Kapchuk acknowledges that her “sole aim is to inspire people to think of their actions towards nature, its resources and living creatures; and to find ways, in which we, as humans, corporations, and political governments, can contribute to the preservation of our planet for future generations”.