Bruno David Gallery is showing Hue, Brightness, and Saturation, an exhibition by New York-based artist James Austin Murray. James shared an insight into this show revealing, “After a year of disruption and unforgettable change, I have found myself rethinking my life and my work like so many of us have. One thing I’ve decided after this year of reflection is to share more of my work and studio practice.”

“The Undercolor works have until now remained in the studio. They are made as their own explorations and have served as inspiration for my other paintings. In them, I find moments and elements that I want to explore in my other work, through the meditative practice of the Light Black series. This exhibition is composed of works made in tandem, with the title of the show referring to this dialog between the Undercolor and the Light Black works. For me, these two series are akin to two chapters in the same book.”

Each piece shares scientific and poetic attributes, all in different ways. James Austin Murray is excited to have his first exhibition of the Undercolor works here at Bruno David Gallery, as he has envisioned for some time now.

As a NYC firefighter during the September 11th attack in New York City, Murray paints on how his life was informed following the atrocity of that day. His current work is both about the paint and the light reflected on and within it. Murray states, “Sometimes the dark is where you find the best surprises.”

James Austin Murray lives and works in New York City. Murray was a firefighter for over a decade, working in the South Bronx, Harlem, the West Village, and on the Lower East Side. He taught at Parsons School of Design, New York. This will be his third solo exhibition with the gallery. In conjunction with the exhibition, Bruno David Gallery will publish a catalogue of the artist’s work with an in-depth exhibition history and bibliography.