Irish Artist, Paula Pohli is pleased to announce a new forthcoming solo exhibition: Juxtapositions.

Juxtapositions includes linocuts, egg tempera and watercolour paintings. The theme of the exhibition is a creative interpretation of the word juxtaposition. New art created in a worldwide pandemic is juxtaposed with recent work.

Paintings in different media and prints will be exhibited side by side with black and white motifs versus a coloured version; rural with cityscapes; insects with birds; bats with humans; sheds with sheds; birds with birds; etc. It is both academic and thoughtful, sometimes humorous. A selection of Paula’s much loved older linocuts The Classics will be separately exhibited.

Life, decay, birth, death and the energy of life inspired new paintings and prints. Some Motifs are interpretations of agricultural buildings. The vegetation often imagined. Themes of barns and sheds display’ the man-made’ contrasted with‘ the natural’. ‘Structured’ juxtaposed with a ‘living thing’ - in a strong graphic format of patterns and lines, black/white and colour.

(Paula Pohli)

Cast a cold eye on life and death, Horseman pass by.

(W B Yeats)