Jimmie Durham, born in the USA in 1940 and based in Europe since 1994, is one of few contemporary artists to have hands-on experience of political work. In the 1970s he was an activist in the American Indian Movement and the representative of the International Indian Treaty Council to the United Nations.

Jimmie Durham’s fourth solo show at Christine König Galerie reflects his seriousness and wit, his aesthetic and political engagement, his inventive resistance to architecture. All this is part of his uncompromising commitment to what he calls “humanity’s thinking process.“ Many of his ideas and images recur in different forms at different stages of his career.

Durham, also a poet and a prominent essayist, uses all the components of what is today called visual art. Images and words may be nailed or glued or painted onto objects. His work is “sculpture” in the widest sense: material appearances in space. The materials range from wood and stone and bone to plastic tubes and printed text. Durham also works with drawing, painting, and video. His many-faceted practice is an inspiration for many artists, curators, and theoreticians today, not least of the younger generation. He does not make “art about art” but work that is open to the world outside art.

Anders Kreuger

Honza Zamojski approaches words playfully, yet paying close attention to the interludes between form and content. In this sense his works and exhibition settings are methodically constructed stories, derivative of poetry, literature, pop and rap culture. They are rich, humorous, self-critical and absurd at once. Evoking Czech Poetisms of the 1920s in the same breath as late American rapper MF Doom's lyrics he unfolds extraordinary chains of association while simultaneously gaining tools for manipulating his audience. By channeling his narratives through different outlets, be it books, works or exhibitions, Honza Zamojski allows for a recycling, upcycling and cycling of ideas, forms, words and contents to ultimately become edited versions of our reality.

Honza Zamojski, born in Poznan in 1981, lives and works in Poznan, and is a visual artist, curator, author of artbooks, and publisher. His works were recently published in Vitamin D3 - Today's Best in Contemporary Drawing, 2021, Phaidon Editors, London and New York.