When it comes to dealing with difficult situations in our lives, there is only one thing we have total control over…our thoughts. While we cannot control our circumstances, our interpretation of these circumstances, influence how they affects us, and how we deal with them. The question is, how do we harness our thoughts in the right direction?

This is a simple equation: what we focus on = our experience. If we spend most of our time thinking about negative things, complaining about life, feeling victimized, helpless or cornered, we subconsciously create that reality. Despite our external circumstances, when we choose to focus on the positive, over and over again, it is a powerful way to change our state of mind, and over time, our life.

You must have noticed that many times despite staying positive, things still don't go our way. And that’s okay. What we have to be mindful of is, how long do we hold on to that negativity? How many times a day do we subconsciously feel bad or upset? How often do we feel demotivated, resulting in a loop of negative thinking that eventually spirals out of control?

This is where it is very important to understand the power of the mind. We must realize that what we think has a direct impact on what manifests in our lives. With every thought we think, we create our future!

Like Louise Hay says, “Your mind is a tool you can choose to use any way you wish. It can be untrained and retrained”.

Here are some powerful reminders to bring in the power of positive thinking in your life.

  • Know that you are in control of your mind and that your mind does not control you. Just like old habits can be broken, so can the habit of thinking negative thoughts be changed. The choice lies with you. Tell your mind that, I now choose to believe it is becoming easier for me to make changes.
  • Give yourself the permission to feel happy, to feel deserving, to feel successful. Believe that you deserve it. Don't peg your happiness on a goal that you have to attain and then feel guilty because you didn't reach it. You deserve to be happy anyway!
  • Put down a list of positive affirmations or thoughts you would like to say/ write to yourself every day. Think of these in the present and not in the future. For example, instead of saying, “I hope to be happy one day", try saying, "I am happy now, where I am, and nothing is holding me back”.
  • Training the mind is difficult, but it comes with amazing results. Start being more aware of when your subconscious mind is spiraling into a negative loop. When this happens, tell yourself stop. Replace this thought with something positive. Initially, it may take time and effort, but eventually, it will become a subconscious practice. Imagine how wonderful life can become!

As you learn to retrain your mind with the conscious choice of thoughts, you will find that you are not a victim of your mind, rather You are the master of your mind. Remember, you will be rewarded with watching your life unfold into the happiest, joyous and fulfilling experience, and the power of that change lies with you!