William McGirr is a man of many hats — he is a health mentor, leader, teacher, philanthropist, a jet setter and a self-described coconut aficionado. His ongoing life journey has fueled the creation of an evolution center in Manitoba, Canada known as Two Peacocks. William’s passion and inspiration are clear for anyone to witness and feel when in his presence. It is energy happily shared with all willing to step into the unknown and choose self-love.

William envisions a soft launch of Two Peacocks in late fall of 2021 — an evolution community which focuses on regenerative detoxification, unlocking the subconscious mind, embracing the unknown and for the serious practitioners, potentially develop their telekinesis abilities, or as William puts it: “The art of mastering one's ability to manipulate all matter.” Two Peacocks is not an overnight spontaneous experiment, his life path in life has allowed for this beautiful creation to take place. In his own words: “I have a solid 15+ years of transformation where I was seeking out my highest truths, sometimes… well most the fucking time, forcing myself to look in the mirror at a piece of myself I hated realizing over time the only way to change these “beliefs” was to love them unconditionally. This, ironically, formed the solid foundation for Two Peacocks.”

McGirr focuses his teachings through spiritual and metaphysical development programs which have a primary focus on regenerative detoxification; his version of Naturopathy. He confidently states: “A successful regeneration will be clearly visible through a patient's eyes to such an extent that one's eye color will change, most believe this is crazy talk, I would say they are crazy for limiting their creative potential”. Services offered will include: yoga, meditations, breathing, regenerative detoxification, fasting guidance, breathing workshops, sound healing, tarot card readings and Reiki teacher training, sessions. The Reiki is a collaborative venture with his mother and founder of 'Angels Among Us Reiki.

He laughs when reminiscing on his upbringing, the William before us today is a version who has walked through pure darkness, a rebellious, troubled past: "I was never one for public education, very quickly at a young age I realized the majority of my teachers were not operating on my frequency. I have a natural curiosity for life, I constantly wonder and question every possibility, every potential, inside and outside the box of societal acceptance, I would never accept a ‘status quo’ as my truth, it simply not who ‘I AM’. 'Special' was the title my teachers chose to identify me as. I was commonly removed from class. As frustrating as this was I am grateful as it molded who I am today. Speaking my truth and doing as I wished seemed to unsettle many as it still does today, I fucking love it.”

William tried university, then college in the end dropping both following his entrepreneurial spirit, opening a nightclub in Winnipeg and hosting, promoting other social/music event functions. His claim to glory lasted a year until the venue was shut down due to violence. McGirr continues: “After a period of time I decided I needed a move to fix my many health issues, get away from the partying and unbalanced living practices. I moved to BC where I stayed for about a year, during this period I started a central/western Canada high-end wholesale designer clothing sample sales. This evolved quickly to a physical brick and mortar clothing store in Winnipeg, again numerous growing pains occurred and this venture was quickly ended.” He felt this moment to be “Another sign from the universe” at this point he moved out to Toronto. Real change in Williams life occurred after a broken heart then being guided to India for an intensive yoga teacher training program in 2014. This is where he began to embrace the unknown in his life, he acknowledges how grateful he was for this experience: “I am extremely grateful for allowing myself this opportunity, it changed and saved my life, showed me how to form my wisdom, wisdom that no one can take away from me or shame out of me. Two Peacocks was found during this dark, void transition in my life.”

McGirr who has traveled 45 countries and counting is just as interesting, he enjoys a vegan lifestyle; mainly as a Fruitarian, a passionate advocate of nature, bumblebees, yoga, detoxification, meditation, herbology, gardening, plants, drinking coconuts and a self-proclaimed tree hugger. He’s a lover of life and an active philanthropist. There is no end to Williams bucket list, as he sees no bottom to a bucket, only more space to create and manifest experiences to enjoy and teach from.

William's advice to someone starting out is simple: “Start a self-love practice; Yin yoga, exercise, connect with nature, consume electrically vibrant fruits berries melons and salads, always direct your awareness to emulate your truths, for where awareness goes energy goes, you will consciously or unconsciously create your reality. Focused meditations and breathing practices are wonderful for this. A real leader leads by example, not by words.”

With a vault of experiences, William McGirr truly is a leader among “Mann”.