With the rise of e-commerce, digital marketing and social media are absolutely necessary for a successful business. Though we will see the different platforms come and go, social media is here to stay. What’s important in this space is staying up to date on the latest trends and newest platforms, all with an eye on what’s up next. This, combined with a solid digital marketing plan, will guarantee success. So what are the newest trends, and where are social media and digital marketing headed? Let’s discuss.

Latest trends in social media

For anyone still on the fence about TikTok - get off of it now, and get on the App. TikTok is known for its unique algorithm that shows users their own tailored “For You” page. The algorithm has made it possible for more people than ever to go viral and gain followers. Creators on TikTok find success not just by going viral, but posting consistent, useful content that might blow up. It’s a great place to rack up followers and transition them to your other socials. Be sure to link to your accounts on other platforms and provide content on the other Apps that will invite users from TikTok to follow you elsewhere.

We’ve seen the rise of podcasting over the last few years. As more and more users accept an all audio experience, the door is opening for more audio-based media. Clubhouse is a new App that is taking advantage of the voice trend. It’s a 100% live audio App that is currently by invite only. Users hop on a stage and create live discussions as other users listening in, raising their hands to ask questions and sometimes jumping on stage themselves. As mentioned, the App is audio-only - no written comments, no private messages. Solely spoken words, with no recordings. What’s really unique about the App, as Michael Stelzner at Social Media Examiner points out, is how quickly and easily you can build business relationships. There are celebrities using the App and well-connected industry professionals. It’s important to note that who you follow on the App will determine your experience - make sure you’re following the right people to get the experience you’re looking for. Overall, Clubhouse is a unique App where you get a genuine human connection, can learn from experts in many areas and test your ideas on a live audience.

Though it’s been around since 2016, OnlyFans has seen a huge surge in success. Creators love it because it’s a paid subscription-based site. Followers love it because they get to support their favorite creators - and possibly get to see a different side of them. Depending on what you’ve heard about OnlyFans, you might be surprised to know that the site is not just for risque content. It does allow content that all other social media bans (uncensored, X-rated photos and videos) but that isn’t the only thing people use it for. As Influencer Marketing Hub reports, artists, fitness instructors, chefs and others use the App to earn money from their subscribers and provide content related to their specialties. If you have an existing audience, OnlyFans is a great way to engage with them and offer an additional experience. The site even has a messaging feature that allows you to market any new or exclusive content, take polls on what content they’d like to see and much more. You can go live and interact with them or create a tip menu so they can support you at will and get access to certain content. Going live on the site is a proven way to increase audience engagement and brand affinity.

New trends in digital marketing

With so many social media platforms to choose from, you’re given a chance to make content digestible for any viewer. You can start with a long blog post on a topic of your choosing. Then, take the blog and turn it into audio, like a podcast. Turn that into a short video for YouTube, then shorten the video even more for Instagram or TikTok. Take pieces of your article and transcribe it on Twitter or use it as answers on Quora - and just like that, you’ve built a digital strategy around this one single piece of content. That won’t make everyone resonate with your content - but it will make it digestible no matter how a viewer likes to engage with content.

That being said, shorter content is not always better. We’ve all heard that the human attention span is shortening, with constant scrolling at our fingertips. Quibi built its business on the idea that people wanted shorter, fifteen-minute episodes for entertainment. But Quibi didn’t perform as expected, it was quite a fail. That’s because people are not necessarily searching for shorter content. The determining factor is authenticity. Your content and your marketing strategy must feel authentic to you, or your audience will walk. Viewers want to feel like they know a creator and are getting their honest opinions and feedback.

Social media is always changing - and digital marketing will continue to mirror it. Consider these Apps and ideas as you plan your next steps for your own digital marketing plan. Remember - social media allows anyone to have a voice, but in order to be successful, you must stay on top of the current trends.