One of the fastest growing cities in North America around the turn of the 20th century, Winnipeg was Canada's answer to Chicago, even earning itself the moniker “Chicago of the North”. A hub for entrepreneurs and businessmen, the Midwestern city, gave rise to some of the country's most successful magnates.

Growing up surrounded by Winnipeg's Chicago style architecture, brothers Jordan and Luke Lintz were oblivious that their ecommerce business, started when Luke was in his grade eleven and Jordan was in second-year university, would one day grow into a sprawling business portfolio which would include real estate.

The word “HighKey” comes from the opposite of the common word phrase “low key” — and this hyperaggressive mantra has come to define the rise of the two brothers in the survival of the fittest online business habitat.

Shaking off the stereotypical “mild-mannered Canadian” label, Jordan and Luke rocketed a bevy of different companies within several years; HighKey Technology, HighKey Agency, HighKey Clout, HighKey Holdings, HighKey Real Estate, HighKey Investments and several others.

From selling wireless earbuds, Jordan and Luke scaled their first venture to seven figures in under a year and a half, utilizing only influencer marketing. Next came, HighKey Agency, Jordan and Luke’s personal branding agency that works on high-level clients' social media platforms and online presence with a focus on content creation and press.

HighKey Clout, Jordan and Luke’s third company, is their celebrity giveaways venture in which they partner up with stars like Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Rick Ross, Dababy, TrippieRedd and Bella Thorne for cash giveaways to random participants on Instagram. They gave away over $200,000 in 2020 alone and plan to give away over a million dollars in the next two years.

HighKey Holdings Inc, HighKey Real Estate Inc and HighKey Enterprises round out the budding “HighKey” empire while Beluga Poker, a free poker tournament app, that will be giving daily jackpot prizes is in the works. Smaller interests in the hip hop brand Lyrical could lead to a potential dabble in the music world and Clarityy News is a news platform which seeks to entice the latest generation of social media influencers.

Currently, their day to day operations are run by their youngest brother, Jackson Lintz, despite sitting out on a few business trips, he is being brought along swiftly within the ranks of the family's growing businesses.

Meanwhile, the older brothers' current passion is cryptocurrency. Jordan believes with the amount of money being printed by the government, most stocks are incredibly overvalued while the dollar is continuing to be weakened. Bitcoin and gold are the only two rational stores of wealth given the current climate and economy, in his opinion.

Luke is even more bullish on cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, praising it's “massive potential to be a method of storing wealth” and holding to the belief that it can “become the new universal currency”. Their trust in crypto is further highlighted by their recent decision to have HighKey accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Their all black and gold Lamborghini Urus, the only one in the province of Manitoba, whisks the brothers from their office to their apartment building investment property on the edge of Winnipeg. A contrast to the city's snowy landscape, just as the brothers are a “HighKey” contrast to Canada's typically humble business community.