How much does technological advancement follows the changes in the beauty industry?

Technology in the beauty industry has greatly improved the quality of products and brought new devices that are used for cosmetic treatments. Information travels very fast today, so every innovation becomes available in a short period of time.

What is the main link between dermatology, stage, film makeup and beauty makeup? What is it that in your case brought these three together?

Dermatology primarily teaches us to recognize skin changes. In our case, the study of dermatology is mandatory in studies and courses, because in that way every makeup artist knows how to do beauty makeup for problematic skin, for example, as well as which preparations to use. On the other hand, stage and film makeup requires the mask or injury to be presented in the most realistic way, so the knowledge from dermatology and anatomy comes to the fore. We did a campaign to support people with psoriasis, where our participants, thanks to their knowledge, realistically showed on the face and body what psoriasis looks like using stage and special effects makeup techniques.

Considering that you cooperate with associates all over the world, how much do their trends differ in the sphere of beauty from the trends in this part of Europe?

Trends vary from culture to culture. We work with academies in Europe, Asia and North Africa. European culture is more natural, while the East prefers an accentuated aesthetic component, especially in beauty makeup: accentuated eyes with strictly drawn lines accentuated eyelashes, lips, cheek contours and strong color. In contrast, Western Europe is more oriented towards wellness and spa, body care, comfort, a holistic approach that closely links beauty with a healthy lifestyle, regular physical activity and nutrition.

The ultimate advice for good skincare, always and everywhere? Something that people can practice outside the salon in their daily routine.

That would be enough sleep in the first place. The academy recently launched its own cosmetic brand "Dermalogist", whose concept of care combines concentrated serums and ease of use in-home care. It is enough to do a light peeling at home once a week, and then apply 4 drops of serum on the face, neck and décolleté in the morning and in the evening. The idea was that simple 30 ml packs can always be with you so that you are not lacking care even when you are traveling or if you lead a hectic lifestyle.

Purity also has its products. Tell us more about it.

Our concept of professional cosmetics "Dermalogist" has developed gradually over 10 years of working with clients and students at the Academy. It combines the needs of beauticians in salon work, as well as the needs of skincare in dermatological surgeries, aesthetic clinics and the like. We have created a brand that supports almost all skin procedures and we are very proud of that. The lack of such a concept on the market was an economic burden for every clinic that had to invest a large part of its funds in care products. We have managed to reduce this concept to several preparations that can be perfectly combined both in treatments and after aesthetic corrections during the skin recovery period.

Which films have you collaborated on and what can be the biggest challenge for them?

There is almost no series on the Serbian market in which we did not participate. We made masks and special effects for the series Emergency Center, Military Academy, Sindjelici, for the films Directions, Heart in Anesthesia and many others... The Academy also participates in creating layouts for videos, editorials, magazines, online editions of magazines, fashion week. Our great pride are certainly our lecturers in the field of film and stage makeup who worked on the mask for great world films like Avatar. We also cooperate with the Opera "Madlenianum", the Belgrade Drama Theater and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, where we are a constant support to young directors. Television, stage, film, theater are our base.

Every request of our client is a challenge that we accept with great enthusiasm. Sometimes the mask or effect that the client requires is worked on for days, under incredible conditions such as frost, rain, night working conditions. At the end of the project, when we bring the challenge to an end and when everyone is satisfied, the biggest reward is to see satisfied faces behind the cameras and hear the sentence: "See you in the next film".

Business Advice? Since Purity is continuously expanding.

Set goals and preserve creativity like a child's play. There is no fear that something will fail. Even if the job does not bring profit, it will bring a new experience and shape you as a manager to be better at what you do. Also, the atmosphere in the team itself is extremely important. If you have people around you who understand you well, then expanding your business is not difficult, but grows into creative work and freedom. Every member of our team has the freedom of creativity and we "attack" a challenge together from all sides, we operate according to the principle of "scrum" methodology, where everything happens quickly and the results are visible in a short time.

How connected are the fashion and the beauty industry, in your case?

The long-term cooperation of the Academy with fashion designers has put us at the top of experts in makeup fashion shows and editorials. When you do makeup for a show, everything has to happen at high speed: models often have to change makeup in just a few minutes. Our advantage is that the Academy team always has about 20 makeup artists working on the same principle: it is an army that in a short period of time meets all the requirements as professionally as possible. I really admire makeup artists who work in the fashion industry because I find this type of engagement extremely stressful.

A trend from the world that you would like to bring to our area?

Nam Vo definitely, which emphasizes the "glow" effect on the skin, with natural tones and glow.

Which world-famous face would you like to see as the face of Purity?

Jennifer Lopez. We had the opportunity to see her when the stylists from the Academy, for the needs of her performance in Belgrade 2012, had to make small corrections to the dress she wore for the performance. Exceptional charisma and naturalness.

Is it easier to have the right beauty routine in summer or winter?

Definitely in summer. With very little makeup and care, we look more beautiful. Hydrating cream with a protective factor, a little blush and mascara and you’re ready!

In which direction do you want Purity to develop?

Purity today is an organism that breathes for itself, and which was created on the ideas of all of us on the team. Everyone has given their stamp on its development. I want it to remain the best educational institution and to develop even more in that direction. Innovations in the field of education are also a challenge for me, to be the first to launch some skincare or innovation. I am currently working on a project where I will use my own invention to make it easier for dermatologists and cosmetologists to do skin examinations. I hope I succeed in that!