Imagine this: you post a video on Facebook. This video, while completely factual, is soon deleted- not by you, but by Facebook. You later find out that other users are having their videos deleted too and not only on Facebook, but also on Instagram and Twitter. As you dig deeper, you realize that all of these videos contain one similar piece of information: they all support the same opinion.

You take a moment to think, sure that a mistake has been made. Is this a coincidence? It must be, but also, how could it be, when the content that has been deleted all has the same underlying message? The same factual content posted by thousands has now been erased from the most popular social media outlets so that no one can see it, as if it doesn’t exist? It sounds a lot like stories you’ve read about from other countries in eras that always seemed far away, stories of dictators, censorship, and oppression.

But no, this is not a dictatorship controlling their oppressed people through censorship. This is America in the year 2020. How could this happen?

This situation was seemingly prophesied by Dr. Robert Epstein, an expert on the relationship between Big Tech and politics. In a June 2019 interview, Dr. Epstein explained that “Google and similar companies, like Facebook, are completely unregulated in the United States. If they all work together in 2020 to support the same presidential candidate, which is very likely, and it’ll probably be a candidate that I support by the way, they can shift upwards of 15 million votes with no one knowing that they’ve been manipulated and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace.” Flash forward to 2020. They worked together. They supported one candidate. They manipulated the voters by erasing all evidence and information on their respective social media platforms that could potentially harm their chosen candidate’s chances of winning. And guess what? Their candidate won.

Are you scared yet?

Months later, you find out that the CEOs of Facebook and Twitter are testifying before the Senate for their actions of self-appointed censorship over political opinions that did not support their own agenda. You tune into the news, looking for information on the hearings. You are shocked that you are unable to find any information concerning the allegations or updates from the hearing - in fact, there is only one news station covering the events. The rest of the mainstream media has nothing on the air regarding these allegations of censorship; they are simply pretending like it’s not happening. Maybe it’s because it wasn’t true. Maybe the allegations are just that, allegations.

But then they confess. They confess that they deleted factual articles and information. The CEO of Twitter admits: “This action was wrong.” History is being written, social media CEOs are admitting they tried to censor their users, it was all true all along!

And the mainstream media still doesn’t cover it.

Why? Why isn’t the media covering this? It’ll be written in the history books, “censorship was challenged by social media in the 2020 election,” and yet the media isn’t even covering it? Are they really that lazy?

The explanation is simple - the story doesn’t further their agenda. And if it doesn’t further their agenda, they don’t report on it. Attorney and politician Rudy Giuliani called this the “iron curtain of censorship” and subsequently begged the media to “inform the American people what’s going on. Whether you like it or not.” As reporters, their job is to report - not just on stories they like, but on all stories that are important to the American people. But no, they’re choosing to report only on stories that further their own personal agendas. They’re picking and choosing what the American people are allowed to know. Their actions, coupled with Big Tech picking and choosing the information that the American people are allowed to share, pose a serious danger to the very heart of the United States.

In 2019, Dr. Epstein gave a testimony titled, Why Google Poses a Serious Threat to Democracy, and How to End That Threat, which is a must-read for anyone who cares about democracy. He predicted the 2020 situation and stated that allowing “Big Tech get away with invisible manipulation on this scale would be to abandon the free-and-fair election, a cornerstone of democracy. It would make democracy meaningless, even if your chosen candidate prevailed.”

Many people will shrug this off, saying he’s making it up because he doesn’t like the media’s liberal agenda. But here’s the thing, Dr. Epstein is not a conservative. He openly supports the Democratic party, but warns that data collected “since 2016 show that Google displays content to the American people that are raised in favor of one political party - a party that I happen to like.” Dr. Epstein’s nonpartisan research, analysis, and proposed solutions provide the American people with the knowledge and tools needed to save democracy before it falls - the question is, can the American people rise to the challenge?

The United States has been anything but united this year. Emotions have been running high due to stresses from the Covid-19 pandemic, the polarizing media stories, and the looming election. But what if the American people decided to come together against these evil forces? To put political preferences aside and together wage war with Big Tech, the current king? To stand up against oppression and not allow others to control them? To stand for freedom of speech and expression instead of being told what to think? To protect democracy at all costs, to protect the same land and ideals their ancestors died for?

America, consider this your moment. In the beginning, your ancestors fought for the freedoms that you enjoy - freedoms guaranteed in the first amendment of the Constitution - that are currently being threatened. Do you want Google and Facebook controlling the information you know? How do you feel about the media telling you stories based on their own opinions? Are you comfortable knowing that you’re missing out on factual news because your information is filtered through Big Tech and the media? Your ancestors fought to have the right to democracy. Today is your day to fight to keep that right. You must protect it before it’s too late.