The 9th edition of Green Culture has been announced, the virtual event honouring women who make a difference in the environment!

For nearly a decade, Green Culture has created a network of collaborators from the cultural sectors of the Western Balkans and beyond and been a platform for exchanging innovative, educational experiences. Founded by NGO Krug (International Center for Sustainable Cultural Collaboration), the project brings together regional and international leaders and industry experts from all fields who embrace the global sustainability agenda and convey their knowledge to the wider public to inspire action.

Why Green Culture 2020?

We are all facing the unknown in these unprecedented times and life as we know it is changing every day. The change in our environment has been astounding and it's now apparent that we need to unite to look at solutions, share stories and ideas on how we can make the world a better and more sustainable place.

Green Culture 2020 will enable us to do just that.

This year’s event starts with the exciting Start-up Pitch Fest, the only live segment of Green Culture 2020, which will kick off on September 18th at Hotel Splendid in Budva, Montenegro. Here we introduce young entrepreneurs competing for a start-up investment for their green enterprises. This is a collaboration organised by NGO Krug, SBC at UDG, Cetinje Gymnasium and the host, Hotel Splendid, Bečići, Montenegro.

On September 19-20, the online summit begins, honouring women in the environment. We are pleased to present to you some of the brightest minds on the global green scene. We will also be commemorating some of the remarkable green pioneers who have left us prematurely. And of course, the programme will be rich in artistic content that we’ve prepared with our artist-contributors.

For the fourth year now, as part of the Green Culture project NGO Krug is organising student exchanges between Montenegro and the UK. This year they've expanded the exchange programme to Maui, Hawaii, USA. Matt Lane, Director of Events and Community Outreach for Love the Sea and Founder of Cultivate Media (US), is liaising student exchanges between students from Montenegro and Maui (USA) in collaboration with NGO Krug. Bringing together students from different backgrounds and levels of understanding about climate challenges is opening up a whole new world of possibilities and ideas. We are excited to see the outcome of these new partnerships and exchanges.

All money raised through ticket sales will be used towards setting up the Green Culture Global Academy, creating a membership program, developing the trilateral student exchanges and creating new activities and exciting events in the future.