With many stores closed, buying furniture online has become more popular than ever. For first-time buyers, online furniture shopping can be intimidating - what if it doesn’t fit in my space? Will it be comfortable? The simple tips and tricks below will help you navigate the world of online furniture buying so you can buy with confidence.

Rely on the reviews

The hardest part about buying furniture online is that you can’t experience it in real life prior to purchasing - not being able to touch a dresser, sit on an accent chair, or see the true color of a table prior to buying is one of the biggest reasons people shy away from online furniture purchases. The best way to combat these hurdles is to rely on the reviews. By reading other purchasers’ opinions, you can learn so much more about the product including how long assembly may take, the level of comfort or durability of the product, and whether or not a purchaser would make the same purchase again. Reviews often have photos so you can see the product in various spaces, which may help you decide whether or not it will be the perfect fit for your space. You can also search reviews for specific words and sometimes even ask your own question about the item, which reviewers can answer for you. Because you are relying on the reviewers real-life experience with the product, these reviews will be crucial to your understanding of the product prior to purchasing.

Save it for the sale

This goes for most purchases, but always remember: you never need to buy anything full price. Waiting a few days or weeks will often save you some cash - and saving some cash will make you love the furniture even more! While most stores have big sales around major holidays, many online stores have sales happening all the time - and sometimes they’ll even send you a coupon that you can use on top of the sale price! Having a little bit of patience can go a long way in saving money on quality furniture.

Compare companies

Did you know that the same product can sometimes be found at multiple online stores? Many stores have very similar inventories, which oftentimes carry the exact same product - and you should use this to your advantage! Be sure to do some searching to figure out which company is selling your product for less. Furthermore, sometimes an item may appear to have no reviews - but if you check the same product on a different website, that one may have more reviews to help you better understand the product prior to purchasing. Other times, the various companies may have different color options for the piece you want. By researching a bit, you can find the perfect piece for the perfect price.

Consider open box or used

Some companies offer an “open box price” on certain items, which is an easy way to save some money. Open box prices are a result of a previous customer ordering the product and returning it if it didn’t suite their needs. Instead of restocking the returned product or throwing it away, the company’s returns department will inspect it to see if it is still in excellent condition; if it is, the company will resell it for a reduced price. These items are almost always unused, besides the fact that the box has been opened, so they are very much worthy of your consideration. Likewise, don’t be afraid to use sources such as Facebook Marketplace or Offerup to purchased used furniture; while some products are far better when purchased brand new, like a bed or a sofa, oftentimes items such as tables, desks and lamps can be purchased secondhand and still look brand new in your home.

With quarantine and social distancing, there’s no better time to try out online furniture shopping - and when using these tips and tricks, you’re sure to have a great experience!