The solo show of Italian painter Daniele Bongiovanni, curated by esteemed curator and art critic Giosuè Allegrini and Intermedia curator-gallerist Ayshia Taskin, premieres at The Wall Space Gallery on June 5th.

“Epoch” culminates in the careful collection of paintings from Bongiovanni’s extensive career and works realised between 2016 to 2020. The exhibition concentrates on the visually spiritual elements of contemporary conceptual painting while combining the viscerally sacred, gestural, and otherworldly moments through the application of hazy pastel tones and expansive areas feathered with strokes of luminescence.

The critical aspect of Bongiovanni’s paintings is the merging of gestural motion and an ever-reaching exploration of space which imbues the viewer with deep contemplation and invites the observer to examine each delicately applied minute gesture, texture, and variation of colour in his first Scottish solo show accompanied, in the catalogue, by the writing of eminent Italian curator Giosuè Allegrini. Allegrini’s critical text “L’Epoca di Daniele Bongiovanni, e così sia!” (2020) poetically delves into the profound and philosophical elements of Bongiovanni’s practice while preserving the nuanced and significant aspects within Bongiovanni’s methods.

The exhibition “Epoch” not only displays Bongiovanni’s most recent works, but also an oil series, which already been exhibited at the International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia.