So, anyone who proposes any other information or point of view different from the official report is labeled a “conspiracy theorist”? It doesn’t seem fair or reasonable to me, not in the USA, a country which brags about freedom of speech and being Land of The Free and Home of The Brave. Besides, it has been proven over and over the government or people in power routinely lie. (Nothing against President Trump or anything, but he has told 15,000-20,000 public lies himself since they started counting four years ago.)

You have to be courageous and selfless these days to be a whistleblower and risk your career because they tear you apart in public and ruin your life.

Consider this: The CIA, definitely not the most honest agency in the best of times, concocted the phrase “conspiracy theory” to discredit anyone who questioned the “official version” of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. They knew the story was so flimsy and unbelievable they locked away testimony and information for 50 years. And buried most of it again seven years ago.

In the ensuing years dozens of people with connections to or potentially enlightening information about JFK’s murder died “coincidental deaths”: car or hunting accidents, suicides and falls from windows, for examples. The tales are flabbergasting. How most of these people died is laughable or criable.

With the current ‘Corona Hoax’, in which “they” have locked down the world with barely a whimper, countless doctors, scientists, reporters and courageous citizens are posting astonishing videos and articles obliterating, smashing the lies of Dr. Fauci and Uncle Bill Gates, implicating them in, let it be said, criminal activity.

Take it easy. That’s just my opinion, but a few million other people’s, too. The number inflates dramatically every day.

Now, rather than dismiss these alternative opinions - don’t be lazy - watch them, read them, these so-called conspiracy theories - alternative storylines from - I’ll say it again - disgusted and ashamed doctors, scientists, reporters and courageous men and women in the frontline of this hoax or massive deception.

Weigh what you see and read from your investigation (it’s fascinating and exhilarating and, as my mother says, confusing.) against the mind-numbing 24-hour a day blather, bloviation and bullshit presented as truth.

This is the biggest public hijacking of civil rights and money in our bloody history and lots of disgusted educated people in the know want you to know, too, that these public servants (not!) addressing us day and night are obfuscating the truth - or in many cases lying through their expensive dental work to profit off our misery.

In short, they are filling us with toxic fear and untruths, robbing us of our ability to reason. In most important matters in your life, you often seek out second opinions, right?

Why not with the ‘Corona Hoax’?

Do it for yourself, your family, your community, your town and city and your country.

As candidate Donald J. Trump proposed to voters in 2016, what do you have to lose?