HUGO GALERIE is pleased to present De l’Autre Côté de l’Eau, a solo exhibition of Albert Hadjiganev’s romantic, dramatic, and faraway lands brought near. Travel with Hugo Fine Arts Galerie to the sundrenched and sparkling settings along Hadjiganev’s painterly and transcendent voyage.

Boughs drift and grass sways as sunlight moves across undulating landscapes, vast horizons, and dense tree stands. Water shimmers as waves lap rocky isles. Roads bend into the unseen distance. You can almost taste the breeze—dry among the olive trees, cool within the glades, and salty on the coast. Hadjiganev has this gift, to not just recreate an environment but to invite his audience into it. You do not view Hadjiganev’s paintings; you enter them.

The artist has stated, “I believe that painting is to nature what faith is to a Divine Being… at the end of the day, it is no longer the result of our understanding that counts, but the journey to get there.” And his paintings are journeys. Hadjiganev’s signature impasto evidences his effort to transmit nature’s poetry; this dimensionality results in a feeling of movement and presence. But it is not that Hadjiganev brings what lies De l’Autre Côté de l’Eau, or On the Other Side of the Water, to us—it is that he brings us there. We become present within the painting and join the artist on his journey. And it is nothing less than enlightened.