A selection of the most interesting Italian contemporary artists participate in the show the Quest for Happiness – Italian Art Now, the majority of them never exhibited in Finland before.

For many artists, creativity and energy have been the answer to the economical and political crisis that struck Italy in 2008. Following the red line of the quest for happiness, the group exhibition brings together 14 artists from Northern to South Italy. It shows a wide and fresh panorama of the contemporary art production in Italy in the recent years, away from the Italian clichés abroad.

The artists included in the exhibition are Yuri Ancarani, Silvia Camporesi, Loris Cecchini, Federica Di Carlo, Goldschmied & Chiari, Francesco Jodice, Marzia Migliora, Matteo Montani, Okkult Motion Picture (Alessandro Scali & Marco Calabrese), Federico Pietrella, Pietro Ruffo, Marinella Senatore, Federico Solmi and ZimmerFrei.