The instal­la­tions, films and perfor­mances of Ramin Haer­izadeh, Rokni Haer­izadeh, and Hesam Rahmanian trans­port the viewer into a highly distinc­tive world: Exuberant and almost baroque, nonethe­less humorous, eccen­tric, and full of allu­sions.

The base and center of the Iranian artistic trio is their house in Dubai, where they live and work together. It is here that all their works orig­i­nate―frequently in inter­ac­tion with friends or other artists.

They create surprising encoun­ters directing atten­tion toward urgent contem­po­rary polit­ical and social topics, ques­tioning power mech­a­nisms as well as norma­tive gender roles and the art world. The SCHIRN is presenting the first solo exhi­bi­tion by the artists in Germany.