The Rabouan Moussion Gallery is pleased to present Olga Kisseleva’s solo show « Mean Time ».

Olga Kisseleva is often working in collaboration with researchers, scientists, and computer scientists. She develops polymorphic multimedia projects, with accomplished technology.

The artist will show a body of works dealing the concept of time.

Time Value refers to the eponymous economic concept in all industrialized countries. This calculation is used by companies for their choice of location and relocation. A calculation based on hourly labor costs, effectiveness of lambda worker and political risks, generates a number that characterizes the country. On the walls of the gallery are presented digital clocks set to the time of different countries, but here, time is not the same length as it is in Paris or Hong Kong. Time is set to the value. The shape of the clocks is not trivial, it is that of the znak kachestva, the trademark of quality products manufactured in the USSR.

After it was presented at the Ekaterinburg biennal (Russia) and at the Louvre Lens, viewers will be able to interact with It’s Time. This work encourages us to listen to the cycles of our own biological clock. When the viewer puts his hand on the screen, the clock adapts to its rhythm, and red letters teach how to behave : « easy going », « take your time », ...

The Vices Boxes are playing with preciousness of vice. With transparent cubes covered with QR codes., the viewer does not roll the dice, he flashes it. Then appears a video presenting nowadays vices such as « Lust », « impulsivity », « confinement » or « frivolous ».

The exhibition will also host the video of the danced performance Contre Temps, showing a young woman dragging a kilometer of red fabric around the Louvre Lens’ building, drawing on this architectural place the symbol of infinity ; Various Facts series, which brings together contemporary still lifes, with a very codified classical composition, reminding us the vanity of any life facing time ; two intertwined portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Lubov Orlova, his Soviet counterpart in CrossWorlds…

All images © Olga Kisseleva

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