Galerie Italienne, in collaboration with Studio La Città, is pleased to present the exhibition Hashimoto, from January 17 to February 22, 2020.

Since the late 1990s, Jacob Hashimoto, an American artist of Japanese origin, has enjoyed international renown because of his complex sculptures in which he enjoys playing with overlaid textures. Jacob Hashimoto displays three-dimensional environments which are based on the influences of light and colours, like wall hangings made up of thousands of miniature “kites”.

His compositions are made in an artisanal manner and suspended by nylon threads, so they float delicately and invite the visitor’s eye to stroll among them. Using a unique process, he composes new landscapes with many different perspectives, in the form of accumulations of circles in which motifs feature in abundance, like so many references to nature, water and plants.

Jacob Hashimoto’s works talk about immensity, space, air and the infinite, as well as control of nature and the human experience.

Influenced by video games and virtual bright-coloured worlds, but also by the cosmology on which Japan has built its identity, his mural work also shows a natural feeling of curiosity in the face of the digital age. Somewhere between sculpture, painting and installations, between critical art, pop culture and ancestral Japanese techniques, Jacob Hashimoto offers us a world in which daydreams and meditation are as closely linked as tradition and modernity.