CAFA Art Museum (CAFAM) is delighted to announce the opening of the inaugural edition of the CAFAM Techne Triennial, which takes place in Beijing from February 20 through March 29, 2020, and is curated by ZHANG Ga, CAFAM Consulting Curator and CAFA Distinguished Professor. With over 120 works by more than 130 artists and collectives from 28 countries, the Triennial is comprised of two parts: a major exhibition titled Topologies of the Real, and Art in Motion: Masterpieces with and through Media, a presentation organized by ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.

Topologies of the Real is a three-part exhibition consists of Reality Interrupted, Datumsoria: The Return of the Real, and Multiverse: Ecology without Nature. The exhibition examines the trajectories of how artistic imagination has challenged and redefined the notion of reality under the technological construct of spacetime which has manifestly accelerated since the mid-twentieth century and how such artistic endeavours have brought to light the political, economic and cultural conundrums and creative potentials implicated by a flattened and instantaneous digital contemporary.

ZKM’s Art in Motion: Masterpieces with and through Media China edition co-curated by ZHANG Ga with Peter Weibel and Siegfried Zielinski in collaboration with Judith Bihr and Daria Mille, forms the media-historical fundamentals and is incorporated into the triennial’s first sub-theme Reality Interrupted. It encapsulates the ramifications of a hundred-year-long history of art with and through media, underscoring the notion that media art is based on technical devices and inseparable from apparatus and machines.