Breese Little are delighted to present an exhibit of Clarisse d’Arcimoles’ current work in progress, Forgotten Tale. Three years in the making, Forgotten Tale is a new experiment involving photography, set design, installation art and painting, scheduled for late 2014. d’Arcimoles will recreate a 1902 photograph found at the Bishopsgate Institute, London, of a turn of the century Shoreditch slum. The final installation will be a three‐dimensional replica of the original photograph, which will subsequently be explored physically by the viewer and the public. The photograph will be re‐enacted in the same area it was first taken a hundred years ago, a house on Fournier Street in the heart of Spitalfields.

This project will give rise to a rediscovery of photography, presenting it as a powerful critical tool of reality and history; a very different idea not only of space but also being‐in‐the‐photographic‐world will emerge. This timely project has a deep connection to Spitalfields’ local history as well as its community and changing face as new initiatives continue to thrive and increasing volumes make the pilgrimage to the neighbourhood.

We are seeking to raise £30,000 to fund all elements of creating the set inside the house at Fournier Street. Our funding targets are divided into three stages, starting in November 2013 with a unique, non‐profit Christmas sale of d’Arcimoles’ work and presentation of the project’s development. All proceeds from this month‐long exhibit will go to Forgotten Tale. There will be a celebratory Christmas Fundraiser on Tuesday 3rd December, with an informal Q&A with d’Arcimoles, who will explain the project further.

We hope to raise the first £10,000 by Christmas. The second stage of funding begins in early 2014 with a Kickstarter campaign. In advance of the launch, d’Arcimoles’ explanatory 4‐minute film, exploring the idea of being transported into a black and white photograph.

Forgotten Tale is a complex and ambitious project requiring a high level of different fields of experience. Your involvement will support and develop a rare investigation into the boundaries between different artistic media.

We can offer various opportunities to support the project, all of which are invaluable to the emphasis on collaboration and community in Forgotten Tale. The artwork will be accompanied by a substantial education programme, including related lectures, events, and community projects.

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