Curated by Jennifer Inacio with Flávia Macuco Pecego, What I really want to tell you… explores the many cultural, social, and political histories of Brazil. Featuring the work of thirteen artists spanning several generations, this exhibition presents varied responses to historical and contemporary conflicts, examining how artists externalize their observations through artworks that impact, inspire, and engage.

Through these works, the artists create their own manifestos of exploration, interrogation, and change. Harnessing the inherent need of art to stimulate and inform new ideas—yet with no intention to present a conclusive panorama—the exhibition serves as a platform for dialogue in times of divergent realities.

Artists: Almandrade, Liene Bosquê, Paulo Bruscky, Anna Bella Geiger, Rubens Gerchman, Ivan Grilo, Randolpho Lamonier, Vanderlei Lopes, Gabriela Mutti, Paulo Nazareth, Regina Parra, Rosana Paulino, Mano Penalva.