Irish Artist Paula Pohli is pleased to announce a new forthcoming solo exhibition: Exhibition for a Good Man.

An Exhibition for a Good Man features new works of linocuts (handburnished), egg tempera paintings on panels and egg tempera brush drawings. A highlight will be a mini retrospective of older linocuts of cityscapes, Irish and European landscapes and some abstracts.

Exhibition for a Good Man is devoted to Walter Pohli who passed away on the 30thApril 2018. He was wise, kind and supportive of my art over many years.

Walter and I moved from Dublin to the country in 2011. This natural environment was an artistic challenge. New linocuts found expression in the North European Renaissance style. I, a printmaker, decided to paint this visual impact in egg tempera. Tempera paintings of the Sienese school (1280-1460), Stefan Lochner and the water colours of Dürer are some of the connecting points for my painting. In both media I used late medieval techniques or method, but in a modern format. Two solo shows followed: 'Lino and Egg' (almost sold out) and ‘Tempus Fugit', in darc space, Dublin, Ireland. Tempus Fugit explored the passing of time: reflected poignantly in a painting of a dead fly, (a la prima), and in another tender painting of a blue tit fledgling emerging into our garden world.

This Exhibition for a Good Man expresses love of wildlife, our natural world and nature that Walter and I shared together. It portrays a poetic beauty of songbirds, insects and flowers observed daily in our country garden and of course the graphic quality of trees and barns I see on country roads. It is not pretty art. Nor is it romantic. Nor is it per se realism.

Portraits too. Life, decay, birth, death and the energy of life inspired new paintings and prints. Some Motifs are interpretations of agricultural buildings. The vegetation often imagined. Themes of barns and sheds display’ the man-made’ contrasted with‘ the natural’. ‘Structured’ juxtaposed with a ‘living thing’ - in a strong graphic format of patterns and lines, black/white and colour.

Nature is neutral. Strong, Powerful. In addition, it makes sense to make art of our natural world now as it is before our eyes and before environmental events change or destroy it. A sentimental wish. Perhaps. Tempus Fugit